Turning my worthless into Good Enough

I recently did a post about triggers and how I realized the cause of one of mine during a counseling session. This past Friday, I was able to bring up another recent trigger I experienced, and my counselor did a therapy with me that was sort of like EMDR but involved holding these paddles (?)… Continue reading Turning my worthless into Good Enough

Let’s talk triggers

Trigger warning: Just in case it wasn't already obvious, this post is all about triggers, so if you have some triggers that really bother you, you MAY want to avoid this post. Huge crowds. The smell of certain foods. A certain word uttered by a stranger in a certain tone. The sight of an object… Continue reading Let’s talk triggers

I have CMT….but what does that mean exactly???

The first memory I have of having difficulty getting up off the ground is from elementary school. I don't remember the exact age but I was between the ages of 7-9. I had a part in a Christian school play doing a little cheer, and we had to go from being down on 1 knee… Continue reading I have CMT….but what does that mean exactly???

I’m not here for your entertainment

Welcome to the inner workings of my mind.  Please come in and make yourself...UNcomfortable...Yes, I meant what I said, not comfortable, but uncomfortable.  Lord knows the inside of my mind has been uncomfortable for far too long.  I think we as women are taught to be good little girls, to obey the rules, and not… Continue reading I’m not here for your entertainment

Parking Ableism

It's 2021, and while ableism is still very much an issue, I recently was shocked to see firsthand just how unapologetic people can be about it. Yesterday, in an online local group I'm in someone posted a picture of a company truck who had illegally double parked, essentially ruining the chance for not just 1,… Continue reading Parking Ableism