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I should say Training, because technically it’s not a job until after the year of training, BUT regardless, I am learning that training or working from home is harder than it looks when you have ANY family…or friends.  My husband seems to not take it as seriously and pick the middle of me listening to dictations to come and talk to me, and then he doesn’t understand why I can’t just take a second to answer a question cause apparently people with office jobs can do that?  Well, I’m not really sure what everyone in every other job does, but as someone who is currently doing training 5 days a week with a certain number of hours to attain in that same period, I can’t listen to dictations, transcribe them, and talk to people at the same time. I just simply can’t. Even if I DID want to take a break right in the middle, I would then have to go over the time I want to, because I would never feel right putting down hours when I wasn’t working the full time, you know?  Sure it’s just training, but the harder I work at it, the better I will be when it becomes a job. And when it becomes a job, it will require things to be done within a set time.  In other words, whether I am working from HOME or working in an office, it is still serious!

But hardly anyone seems to understand this…They think I should be able to just do things when I want to…and it’s annoying.  Now I truly understand how other work from home people feel.  People want to call me during training and wonder why I say, “Can’t talk right now. Call you back.”…It’s as if just because I am at home and sometimes working in pajamas that it makes me available…ugh! OR…they expect me to be somewhere like I can just tell my instructor I got to go do something and she should understand. Well….I don’t want to be considered someone who is unreliable. I want to be thought of as a reliable worker right now during my training so there will be no question of my ability later. Then you have those who want to make plans in the evening and wonder why I can’t give them a set time that I will be there. Well, while I only NEED a certain amount of hours per day, there are days where I may go over for different reasons.  If I am able to and want to end at an earlier time, I can sometimes, but it doesn’t always work that way.  If my instructor gives me “live files” which means files that were recorded recently and need to be returned asap, those have to be my priority regardless of when she gives them to me….which means if she gives them to me near the end of my training time, I will probably be doing training late regardless of what I or anyone else wants.  I shouldn’t have to apologize to people for this.  Hasn’t anyone had a job where they were asked to stay late at times? I mean, HELLO! Whether I am at home or somewhere else, AGAIN, it’s still the same thing! It is still serious, and if I want to be successful, I HAVE to see it that way, and others taking it seriously as well will make it a lot easier.

Working, or training from home should actually be taken even more seriously because I am basically an independent worker. I have no one watching me over my shoulder making sure I do what I’m told.  I am mostly responsible for myself.  How serious I take my training and later my work is completely up to me, and it determines how successful I will be as well.  Not everyone would be capable of self motivating themselves when their boss isn’t there to motivate them.  BUT just because you aren’t in an environment surrounded by coworkers and a boss doesn’t mean that it isn’t a REAL job or that it shouldn’t be taken seriously.  In my case, what I am doing now is something I would like to not only be a job, but also a career.  So please take my training and later, my career, seriously.  🙂

Can you trust anything online anymore? Every day there’s a new scam you have to watch out for. Sometimes it just makes me want to scream…literally!

Me and my husband live in an area where there are very few GOOD jobs. Unfortunately, due to my husband being bi-polar, he has almost virtually exhausted a lot of the job options around here. If you are not familiar with someone who is bi-polar, they tend to want to quit a lot instead of sticking with a job. I have come to terms with this fact. I still love my husband and I realize this is part of who he is and something we will have to live with.

He has been looking at doing work from home jobs lately, though. I, myself, would LOVE to do one that involves data entry, typing things, etc. if I could actually find something legit. I am really interested in doing a secretary/receptionist type of job, but it seems to be a very “who you know” kind of job as far as getting one. Not to mention, every one around here wants at least 2 years of experience already being one. It’s hard to get THAT experience without a job being willing to train you and let you have one in the first place. Dang Catch 22’s!

How do you find a work from home job that’s actually legit? I have seen many websites that say there ARE some out there but you have to look for them and do your research. All I have ever seen are pretty much fishy sounding. My husband has found a couple in this past week that promise to waive the fees until after you make the money. Well, if a job is legit, you shouldn’t HAVE to pay them anything, right? Not to mention the fact that they are going to eventually ask for your checking account information to pay you and I’m not dumb. The second you give them that, they are going to empty you of any money you have in there. IF you have anything in there. These people are very good at what they do too. I heard my husband talking to some of them and they seem like legit, credible people. If I remember correctly from an Ann Rule book I read about Ted Bundy….he also was very charming and seemed like a really nice guy. Unless you’ve lived under a rock all your lives, you know how THAT turned out, right?

Yea…So is it possible? Is there anyone out there who has one already and knows? And in asking that, am I going to get a bunch of spam comments that are also scams?

Maybe one day I will find one, maybe not. Until then, there are still other scams to worry about. If you do anything online nowadays, you have to be wary. I recommend reading this article by Consumer Reports about 10 common scams.

It’s important that we ALL ARM ourselves with the best knowledge possible in avoiding scams.

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