Sick Monday Update

Not much of an update this week. I weighed this morning and I was the same as I was last week, so no weight loss to cheer me up. I'm feeling a teensy bit better but still sick so I'm heading to the doctor in a little while to see what exactly is wrong and… Continue reading Sick Monday Update

Another one…or two bites the dust!

It appears the Guilt Free Day I had last week either helped me or didn't have a negative effect, at least, for I have become unstuck this week! I am down another 2 pounds and in just a measly 2 more pounds, I will be able to turn around and tell the number 300, "Good… Continue reading Another one…or two bites the dust!

Stickity Stuck….

If you haven't already guessed from the title, I am stuck. This makes the second week in a row with no real loss...and yea, it sucks. Still not giving up, but I decided to go against the grain today and do something not everyone agrees with. Today, I am having a Guilt Free Day in… Continue reading Stickity Stuck….

At a Standstill

No pounds came off this past week....BUT on the bright side, no pound were added! So I'm still at 303.....:( I think this might be the first time since I started that I haven't had any loss in a week and it IS a bummer, I have to say. I'm not giving up though, I… Continue reading At a Standstill

Another week, another pound!

This is a short little update cause I don't have too much to say other than I am down another pound! 🙂 As long as it keeps coming off instead of going on, I will BE ok with the slow drops! Total is now 65 pounds! YAY! 🙂 Next week, I will probably see my… Continue reading Another week, another pound!

Getting closer to that second goal!

I'm another 2 pounds down! That brings my total weight loss to date to....64! 🙂 Lately, I seem to be pretty consistently dropping 2 pounds a week. I know it's not huge numbers, but I am very happy with it being consistent and slow but steady. Hopefully, this will keep me for keeping a bunch… Continue reading Getting closer to that second goal!

Christmas Eve Update :)

First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! I'm going to keep this short but just wanted to let you know that I have lost another 3 pounds and since my first goal was the 50 by final tally by Christmas is 58 pounds lost! So I exceeded my goal by 8… Continue reading Christmas Eve Update 🙂