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I know this is probably supposed to be a more recent picture, like one taken this week or the past month, but I’m going to cheat and use a couple of older ones. Just because I like them better! My blog, my rules, right? πŸ™‚

Me doing the peace sign...this past March

Oct. 2010

2008....I look so much skinnier and YOUNGER! AH!

{December 15, 2011}   Weekly Photo Challenge:CELEBRATION

I have a lot of photos that make me think of celebrations and parties, BUT I really tried to find pictures that fit the theme that I haven’t used before on my blog. So….here are the photos I picked out and hopefully you feel the sense of celebration that these photos make ME feel! πŸ™‚

Karaoke at my friend's birthday party!

This picture was taken at my close friend’s birthday party a couple years ago….her and my husband were singing “Walk the Line” by Johnny Cash. This photo brings back laughter and great times because my husband is NOT a great singer, but he loves to be silly. He ended up singing many songs or attempting to and being crazy with it and I laughed so much at this party because of him! πŸ™‚

My niece Grace...many years ago

This picture was taken when my little niece Grace was turning nine years old and she still liked to be called “Gracey”. Now she is almost 17 years old. I just love the memories this picture brings back with her closing her eyes, getting ready to make a wish and blow out the candles.

Nothing says Celebration like Fireworks, right?

This is a random picture of Fireworks I found on my computer and it was screaming out to me, “I fit Celebration!”….and it was labeled FIREWORK…come on, who doesn’t love that word? It sounds like someone is going to fire work, you got to love THAT idea! The epitome of celebrating is getting rid of work!

A collage of my old engagement pictures...celebration of love πŸ™‚

I already posted a picture of my tree this year…except I didn’t have the ornaments on yet….so I will add a photo of my tree the first year I put it up at our then new apartment.

Christmas 2009-our first Christmas together as husband/wife πŸ™‚

So much to celebrate that I could literally go on forever adding pictures and I hope to have many more “celebration” theme pictures throughout the years to come! πŸ™‚

{December 8, 2011}   Weekly Photo Challenge:WAITING

Humans spend a vast majority of their lives waiting. Whether it’s waiting in line at the grocery store, waiting on commercials to end(unless you live by a DVR) so your show comes back on, waiting to get older, waiting for Christmas, etc., if you added up all the time in your life that you’ve waited on something, it would be a lot. I actually tried looking up an average, but it’s a different answer everywhere I looked. And why wouldn’t it be? No one person is exactly alike another and how would you measure time each person spends waiting for something that’s just in their mind?

Currently, this photo challenge theme makes me think of the calendar and how I am trying patiently to wait for family that are coming in for Christmas. Everything else I am waiting for pretty much takes a back seat to the excitement of that. I decided to find pictures online to use for this theme…ones that made me think of waiting.

Aren't we all waiting for that next big cash flow? Heck, I'm ready for a small one!

How often do you sit and wait for an important e-mail? phone call?

The infamous Dr. visits and the long waits...especially during the cold/flu season!

Waiting for the "lightbulb" to go get that next great idea

Waiting on Santa to come!

An airport waiting area

But…that’s enough of waiting pictures. This is all making me anxious…maybe sometimes it’s nice to not think so much about waiting and instead spend time doing? πŸ™‚

{November 29, 2011}   Weekly Photo Challenge:FAMILY

You may have noticed I missed last week’s photo challenge. I debated whether to do last week’s or not and finally just skipped it. The theme was “Breakfast” and I considered taking pictures of breakfast and kept forgetting…..I couldn’t think of anything really creative to substitute for real food and to be honest, I didn’t really WANT to come up with anything. Last week was busy spending time with family and everything and my blog fell to the background for the most part. I’ve gotten behind on reading and commenting on other blogs due to the holidays and everything and sorry to those I haven’t got around to looking at. I WILL eventually get caught up but the holidays are going to be a time where other than posting daily, I’m just not going to be on my A game with reading and commenting. I apologize ahead of time and hopefully once the holidays are over with, I can get back to staying caught up once and for all.

I have shown pictures of family before in other posts, but here are some I picked out for this theme. Hope you enjoy! πŸ™‚

Old picture of me with all 6 of my nieces...before I got married and added 2 nieces

Me at 10 with my new niece Sara gripping my finger

My oldest niece Krystal with my first great nephew after he was born πŸ™‚

My niece Sara and nephew Matthew with my Mom behind them...and me hiding in the very back

Almost all of my gorgeous nieces and one of my great nephews

My Great Nephew Michael at his 1st birthday

I could just do a blog full of pictures of my family…..I love all of these people so much! πŸ™‚


Giving Thanks Day 29: Today, I am so thankful that I am going to get to see my oldest niece and my two great nephews this Christmas…I have not seen them since July 2009 when I got married! I am getting the best Christmas gift of all this year in getting to see ALL my nieces, my nephew AND my great nephews for Christmas….that is just all I wanted and wished for and the best gift of all! There are no amount of words to express how blessed and thankful I feel right now. I just am so excited and I can NOT wait until they are in for Christmas! YAY! πŸ™‚

{November 17, 2011}   Weekly Photo Challenge:WONDER

When I was thinking about the theme this week, Rodin’s “The Thinker” statue popped into my head along with thoughts of people being filled with wonder for different reasons. I attempted to get my husband to mimic “The Thinker” pose, but as you can see, it didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked. Hope you enjoy my take on Wonder and have a WONDERful day! πŸ™‚

Rodin's "The Thinker"


My husband thinking about the walkers on "The Walking Dead" or at least that's what he said he was thinking about

"I wonder if THIS is where that smell is coming from!"

Wonder how my nephew got behind the couch....

I wonder who put the bubbles in the fountain....

Now I wonder who put their canes in my sister's hoodie? Hmmm...

Wonder what Elvis(my uncle's dog) is thinking as he sees a fake Boston Terrier statue


Giving Thanks Day 17: Today, I give thanks for photography. I’m not a great photographer myself, but the good thing about taking photos is that even when you’re not, you can still get a few decent ones here and there. I love looking back at old photos and being able to reminisce through them and now with Digital photos, you can save photos online and not have to worry so much about losing them forever! πŸ™‚

{November 10, 2011}   Weekly Photo Challenge: WINDOWS

My nephew looking out the car window as the outside whizzes by

Outside an upstairs window of my parent's house on a day where we had a teeny bit of snow....the blinds show up in the reflection off the glass

A close-up of my eyes because "Eyes are the Windows to the Soul"


Giving Thanks Day 10: Today, I give thanks for having a place to live instead of having to live out on the streets. Sure, an apartment isn’t the fanciest place, but it beats having nowhere and I have a place to keep warm during the upcoming winter and a place to keep cool during the hot Texas summers…and let’s face it…those warm days that show up between the cold ones even in winter!

{November 3, 2011}   Weekly Photo Challenge:HIDDEN

My first thought at hearing the challenge theme this week was, “Oh, since it’s around Halloween, Hidden could be used for pictures of people in the masks and costumes because they are in a way hiding behind them.” Then I saw posts where things were sort of hidden from view until you look a bit longer and I started thinking of those Where’s Waldo? books where you have to look and look to find him. For that matter, there are also Hidden Object games and books out there. I didn’t feel like I had any pictures that fit a Hidden Object theme and I wasn’t completely sure how to go about making one. I had a brilliant idea of mixing objects or faces in a type of collage but didn’t really see that I had that kind of time on my hands, although if I had Photoshop and knew how to use it, it could have been really fun to try it on there. It could have been Where’s Sharon? instead of Where’s Waldo? πŸ™‚

Since that idea is out the window, I got to thinking and remembered a post I did years ago, back in April of 2006, (I had to look it up to find the date!) where I had childhood pictures of me and some of my second oldest sister who looked a lot like me as a child. I made it in to a little fun quiz of sorts where I had people guess which pictures were ME and which were of my sister. While this whole idea may NOT exactly fit the Hidden Challenge exactly, to me, it fits it in a fun way! Since people who read my blog don’t know my face as well, I am putting a more recent picture of me first to compare. I think it may actually be more fun for you guys, because it’s more of a challenge! Family members are open to play along too, but just say the numbers you pick as me and don’t give it away by saying something like, “This one is definitely you, Sharon, I was there!” No giving it away! Some of my family and close friends may STILL get it wrong anyways because me and my middle sister looked a LOT alike as kids but not so much now!

Now for the childhood pictures!

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

Picture 9

Picture 10

If you would like to participate, just leave in the comments the numbers you think are ME. I will reveal the answers at the end of my Saturday post, so hopefully that will give enough people time to guess. I don’t have any prizes to give away or anything, it’s just for fun, but I WILL say congratulations to the first NON family member person to get them all right or the closest number right and maybe do a special post dedicated to your blog or something? πŸ˜‰ We’ll see!

Hope you enjoyed my take on this week’s challenge!


Giving Thanks Day #3: Today, I am thankful for my husband, flaws and all. He finally got a CPAP machine for his Sleep Apnea yesterday and as I saw him sleeping while wearing it, a lot of thoughts crossed my mind. One was how cute he looks in the funny and strange looking mask. Another was how him wearing a mask to help him breathe also makes me think about his health and our life together and gives me a reality check. The mask could just as easily be a respirator in the hospital or something and I could be looking at him hanging on to life, you know? Seeing him with the mask on is like this very real reminder that life isn’t always guaranteed, for me, for him or for anyone. Knowing that my husband could get into a car wreck tomorrow or really just anything could happen to him and I could be alone scares me. Not because I think I HAVE to have a man in my life BUT because he is my husband and I love him. Losing him would truly NOW be losing a part of my heart. He is the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing before I go to bed at night. Even when we fuss and fight, I can’t imagine a day where I would wish him gone from my life. When I see people that have lost their husbands or ones like my niece, who was away from hers for so long while he was fighting for our country, it really makes me be thankful each and every day that I have him, not only in my life, but beside me, day in and day out. I am so lucky and blessed and today, I am taking a moment to say Thank you to my husband for being in my life and giving me great big teddy bear hugs when I need them! I love you and I thank God for you!

{October 26, 2011}   Weekly Photo Challenge:Opportunity

Double posting today!

For me, I wasn’t sure what pictures to post this week. Last week’s Possibilities felt like almost the same as this one, but then today as I wrote a post I am saving for tomorrow, I realized what I wanted to post. Sometimes life brings you opportunities and you take them and you’re rewarded, sometimes not. Other times, you may miss one or choose not to take one and you may regret it. Not always, though, there can be alternatives. You may skip an opportunity and end up realizing it was the right choice after all. The thing is, you never really know until afterwards. You never know until you take the risk. So you can take it or leave it, but if you take a risk and regret it, at least you have gained wisdom from it, right?

I have had missed opportunities in my life, for sure, but I choose to not regret them, and instead learn from them just like mistakes. One huge opportunity we all have each and every day is to tell the people closest to us how much we love them. To miss an opportunity to tell someone we love them is, I think, the biggest regret you can ever have. Today, I am posting pictures of some of the people I love most in my life and taking the OPPORTUNITY to say, I love you!

For all my family and friends that may not have pictures here, I love you! And to all my blogging friends, I also love you! πŸ™‚

*Not all pictures were taken by me, some were taken by other friends and family*

My niece Lydia and her husband Dru on their wedding day! πŸ™‚ Wish I could have been there!

4 generations....Counterclockwise from Right, My mom, my oldest sister, my oldest niece, my Nanny, and my oldest great nephew

My 3 youngest nieces BEFORE I got married

My two youngest nieces NOW πŸ™‚

My mom with my youngest great nephew(who is now 3)

My husband πŸ™‚

My nephew...being silly πŸ™‚

My best friend Tara, on the left...and me on the right<---Photo booth pic

My niece/best friend Rebekah

A lot of these are older pictures that I randomly picked…hopefully no one gets mad at me for using their pictures! I love you all!

The theme of this challenge just screamed something different so I decided to find free photos online that I can look at and think about Possibilities or Opportunities and how they are truly never ending. I also got inspired to do a little “Play” with the word. I forget what the official name of it is so if you know, feel free to remind me! πŸ™‚








Lasting (an)



Illimitable &


Space (of Time)

Infinity Bridge, Stockton on tees in U.K.

National Space Centre(Leicestershire)

Stairs to the Nether World by Exsodus (Click on pic to link to artist's portfolio)

Infinity Pool

Strange shaped Coconut Tree

Building in Montreal

Longmen Caves in China

Staircase in St. Mary's Cathedral, Coventry, UK

Proof of old possibilities now fulfilled

What Possibilities lie ahead on your Road of Life?

{October 10, 2011}   Weekly Photo Challenge:COMFORT

Comfort means a variety of things- to soothe, console or reassure;bring cheer to; to make physically comfortable; to aid, support or encourage. Those are just a few of the definitions. I tried to find some pictures that represent things that bring me comfort in some of these ways.

Books are a huge source of comfort for me

My husband is great at comforting me!

Me with my nieces Rebekah, Lydia and Hannah

Being around family and friends that I love is another source of comfort for me.

Me with my bridesmaids-My source for comfort on my wedding day

This quote, found on a plaque at my sister's house, brings me comfort's all about comfort...and Texas doesn't get TOO cold πŸ™‚

A drawing my talented niece Rebekah did...This is to represent how Music Comforts me

A Snuggle Teddy Bear---Teddy Bears are adorable and VERY comforting to snuggle with!

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