A Lesson in Stress

I didn't want to do a typical V Day post today so I thought I would share with you a forward I got from my Mom in my email. Yea, some forwards are really stupid, but I thought this one shared a great lesson about stress that we could ALL use! Even if you have… Continue reading A Lesson in Stress

Back to the Drawing…I mean, Writing Board

I say writing board, because I can NOT draw to save myself. Seriously, give a newborn a crayon and a piece of paper and whatever they manage to scribble out would beat what I can draw! But anyways, I am BACK! I know I have been away from my blog for way too long and… Continue reading Back to the Drawing…I mean, Writing Board

Weekly Photo Challenge:WATER

I feel like I have used all the pics already on my computer that were of water...during the Ocean theme and then again for the Lights theme where I used a sunset on the lake. So....I went searching through other photos to find some more suitable water pictures since I don't spend that much time by… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge:WATER

Weekly Photo Challenge:OCEAN

I've only seen the ocean a few times in my life......only once that really counts. I saw it in Florida but it was from a distance and I saw the Atlantic Ocean twice as I flew above it to and from England when I went on a missions trip at 17. None of those times… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge:OCEAN