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{March 28, 2013}   Late is a Four letter word

To clarify my title, I’m not just stating the obvious, that L-a-t-e is 4 letters. Late to me is like a bad word. I simply HATE being late somewhere and would rather be extremely early than even one minute late. I suppose a part of this has to do with lateness tending towards people staring at you and being the center of attention. I may not be SHY Sharon anymore, but I don’t want to be the center of attention every time I go somewhere either. “Fashionably late” is awkward to me. Even if I feel especially confident that day, I really don’t want all eyes critiquing me.

But more than ME being late somewhere, I especially dislike when others are late. If you tell me you’re going to meet me at a certain time and you show up 30 minutes later, I may smile and tease you about your lateness, but inside I am growling like a tiger…Seriously! It’s not that I’m impatient, it’s really not. I just have always felt it’s a matter of respect. I can understand that life happens sometimes. If you have a flat tire, ran out of gas, etc., that’s understandable and I can get over it. If you’re still getting ready to go out when you should already be somewhere, that’s not a good excuse, that just means you need to learn better time management. If you decide to run an errand on the way and you got held up by traffic, that’s not a good excuse to me, that also means you should have left home earlier if you were going to run the errand or had enough respect that you chose to do the errand later because you already promised to be somewhere at a certain time and you don’t want to show up late. It’s just good manners, right?

Yea…I have some close friends who are late a lot and I love them regardless and I have come to just expect lateness out of them. At the same time, I find myself wondering how they ever make it to work on time or doctor’s appointments. The thing is, I’m sure they DO make it to those places on time, so what does that leave me thinking? Is work or school, etc. more important than being on time to meet a friend? Because I don’t see it that way. Whenever I tell a person I will meet them at such and such time, I plan to meet them THEN, not 30 minutes late. I don’t like to keep people waiting because that’s their time being wasted. Some people have less free time to waste than others and to be honest, Time is really precious for everyone, if you stop and consider it. So being on time is a sign that you truly respect someone and value not only YOUR time but theirs as well.

If I tell a friend I will meet them around 5, though, I might show up 10 minutes before and I don’t mind if it’s 5:15, because in that case, I come prepared to read or do something else, knowing it’s sort of an open time slot, which could be cause the person has things to do before they head out to meet me and they can’t be definite with the timing. That’s fine and I only consider THIS late if they show up at 6 without prior notice that they are running behind.

For those of you who tell a specific time, such as 6:30 and you show up at 7…..I still love you as a friend, but realize I DO feel upset when you constantly do this. I tried to keep my feelings under wraps, but I think it’s important for everyone, not just people who know me, to come to the realization that being late is just disrespectful WHEN you could have been early or even on time. Try to respect others and their time better, please. Somewhere someone is sitting right now and impatiently waiting on someone else who is taking their time and not caring that another’s is being wasted on them. 😦


Before I left for my trip this weekend, I made 3 To do lists…One for what I wanted to take on my trip, One for what I needed to accomplish before I left, and an extra one for tasks I wanted my husband to accomplish while I was gone with an acknowledgement that they might not ALL get done, but as long as some of them got done, I will be happy.

My list making usually starts and ends with just before I go on a trip….I never used to do this until I got tired of leaving things behind a few times too many. Now I simply can NOT pack without a list and so far it’s worked splendidly. In fact, THIS time I added a few extra tasks to my to do list that I normally would have procrastinated on…just to give me a little more incentive to get them done. Surprisingly, I got them done and there was just an added joy from being able to physically mark the tasks as done…not only in my mind, but on paper.

So….I started thinking…if the “To do” list works so well with me when I do them before a trip….maybe I should consider taking the “To do” list to the next level. I’m sure some people consider making a list rather boring but I actually really enjoy it. I love typing things out and I love to make lists….in fact, in college for a few of my lab hours in Theatre, I took inventory of the costume room by writing down the descriptions of clothes and numbering them and I actually LOVED it. No exaggerations…I really found it fun….so maybe THIS could be a key to helping my procrastination.

I’m going to put forth a huge effort to make “to do” lists at least once a week of things I want to get done. I think I will try to also break it down into small tasks so it doesn’t seem as overwhelming…like clean the bedroom today, clean the den tomorrow or even just clean out the desk, to break it down even smaller. From there, I will attempt to follow my task list the best I can and see if it will make a difference or not. Maybe if I start out small, I will be able to get into a good habit like I did with blogging, and start to break away my procrastination for cleaning.

I think being able to check off each task and then be able to sit down at the end of each day and visually SEE what I did each day will be great for me. This week will start my “To Do” list plan and I will update everyone later on to let you know if this helped me at all.

In the meantime, do you think “To Do” lists are a good idea to get things done? Do YOU actively use lists yourself and does it work for you?

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