I remember this feeling….

Back in 2011, when I did my first Post-a-day challenge, I got this feeling very often. This feeling of not only NOT knowing what to blog about on certain days, but just not really wanting to blog sometimes. Then I would procrastinate until the last minute and get something posted whether it was interesting or… Continue reading I remember this feeling….

Life isn’t a Fairy Tale

The first definition of a "Fairytale" is just what it sounds like, a story about fairies told to amuse children. The other definition given is an interesting but highly implausible story, often told as an excuse; as in when someone makes up a story to get out of something, for example. The very definition of… Continue reading Life isn’t a Fairy Tale

Another week gone and holding…..

Not exactly sure on my weight today honestly due to totally forgetting the day, eating my breakfast and THEN weighing, but I am pretty sure it's probably the same as last week. 😦 Yea, it's kind of a bummer but I spent most of my weekend helping out a friend with a garage sale to… Continue reading Another week gone and holding…..

It’s all about babies and weighting

Well, me and my hubby went to a friend's house today for a fish fry. It was a lot of fun and I got to meet my friend's newest little one, Aidan, who is 2 months old. He was so cute! I enjoyed holding him, too. It was the first time I had held a… Continue reading It’s all about babies and weighting

They were all lessons learned

There was a time in my life where I thought I would get to an age where there were fewer lessons to learn. With age comes wisdom, right? So I used to think that the older I got, the less there was to learn. Yet the older I have gotten, the more lessons I have… Continue reading They were all lessons learned

When Home is no longer a refuge

This is The Real Sharon's blog....not very many people actually know the REAL me, though. All the posts I have done in the past were indeed, a part of me but there's still a lot more that I haven't chosen to share with anyone. The past couple of days I have done funny blogs because… Continue reading When Home is no longer a refuge