Leave your Ideas Here!

Yesterday, I left a status on FB asking people to let me know what they wanted me to post on my blog. Sadly, no one has responded there yet so I am asking here, too. Sometimes I feel like I've run out of good ideas and inspiration for writing; Like every idea that comes up… Continue reading Leave your Ideas Here!

“Fight your way through”-My Journey to NOW

I was sent this yesterday on my Facebook and I have to say that THIS has to be some of the best advice I have ever received. Just knowing from someone who has already made a success in doing creative work that what you feel and go through IS completely normal and has been gone… Continue reading “Fight your way through”-My Journey to NOW

So you want to write?

I have been told that I should consider becoming a writer ALL my life. Besides the fact that I tend to doubt myself as "good enough" to do so in the first place, I never really had the strong desire to do so. Well...at least not in the way I felt I should. I wrote… Continue reading So you want to write?

I do my best when I’m clueless

So here goes another day in my blog and I sit here, completely oblivious as to what to write in my blog. You would think after so many days of doing it, I would have thousands of ideas ready to pour out of my fingertips and onto the...typed page? Nope.....I have kept a notebook beside… Continue reading I do my best when I’m clueless

Thoughts on Writing

I've decided to start a special "journal" for me called "My thoughts book". The idea came from many different places, such as my friend Allison and people on WordPress, and I am now going to try to put the suggestions to some use. I'm going to keep a notebook with me at all times(or attempt… Continue reading Thoughts on Writing