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If you’re a long time reader of this blog, you may remember me telling you about how me and my husband like to read about the wacky news and tell each other about what we read. The other day I came across a story that made me laugh a little but also made me wonder. When I first read it, there wasn’t as much information on the situation as there is now, but it was about a man driving down the highway with his wife on top of the car. When I saw the title of THAT story, of course I had to find out what was going on. Apparently, this guy had taken his child in the car and the wife had climbed on the car for some reason and ended up staying there during the ride. The guy driving the car called and reported a disturbance with his wife. When asked if she was in the car with him, he replied, “No, she’s on the car.”

OK, I admit that as I read that, I cracked up. Just imagining what the cops had to have been thinking when someone told them their wife was riding on the car….I mean, it sounded crazy! Eventually, the woman DID fall off the car though and she is currently in the hospital in fair condition. Since I am not the woman nor have any affiliation with her, I can’t say the real reasons behind her hanging on to the car. According to the police report, there was some marital issue and it sounds like the man ran off with his child and she was trying to keep him from leaving. There very well could have been a good reason for her not to want him to leave with her child, I mean, there probably was considering he kept driving with his wife on the car and didn’t stop. The cops were said to have encouraged him to stop more than once so his wife could get off and he had slowed down at one point to do so before speeding back up, which is how she ended up falling off. The cops eventually caught up to him and he was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Definitely a crazy story and one I expected not to hear anything like for awhile. Well, I was wrong. The other day I see one of my Facebook friends sharing another story close to home about a Grandpa getting probation for driving drunk with kids on the roof of his car!

There’s no laughter at ALL for me in hearing this one. Just shock and outrage. Although this case apparently occurred in July, he has just been given probation on charges of DWI with a child and child endangerment. The two kids were his grandchildren, both 13 years of age. Someone spotted the girls on the roof of his car with their feet dangling on the sunroof and called the cops. The officer then responded and saw the same. When I hear the age of the girls, it sounds to me like a case of two teenagers that also should have known better. They probably thought it would be fun to do what they did and the grandpa didn’t tell them not to, either cause he was too drunk to care or just thought there wasn’t anything wrong with it. In either case, it was definitely wrong and very dangerous. I’m just glad the guy got stopped before anything happened to his grandchildren and I really hope the parents made sure their kids KNEW that it was never a good thing to ride on top of  a car.

In reading these two stories within days of each other, it made me wonder if people riding on the roof of a car, voluntarily or involuntarily, could be some kind of bizarre new trend. I certainly hope it’s not and these two cases are extremely rare occurrences.


Giving Thanks Day 22: Today, I give thanks for my car. It definitely doesn’t always work perfectly, but it gets me to where I need to go, so I am thankful for that! Also thankful for the common sense to never allow anyone to ride on the roof of the car! 🙂

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