Temporarily on Hold

JUST got finished working.  All day today, I really thought I missed posting yesterday cause I never did my Monday weight loss post.  I was prepared to admit that I had missed a day in my yearly blogging daily goal.  And I was also completely fine with that because anyone who went through what I… Continue reading Temporarily on Hold

I’m back…in a good way!

Finally got back to 281...which was what I had gotten down to before I gained a few pounds back.  The even better news, although also ugh news, for me is that the scale surprised me with being BACK at 281 and I started my period last night.  Yea, I know, I know...I hate bringing that… Continue reading I’m back…in a good way!

No change

I just did my monthly measurements, and for the first time in over a year, there was NO change in my measurements from last month.  My weight is right now the same as last week, but that's 4 pounds less than it was last month. SO...it's not like my weight hasn't changed at ALL, just… Continue reading No change

You take the good, and you stick your tongue out at the bad!

I don't like posting that I gained a little back after last week, but hey, it's the truth.  After finally getting unstuck and down to 281, I went back up a few pounds. So to the evil number on the scale, I stick my tongue out at you! You will not win, though! I shall… Continue reading You take the good, and you stick your tongue out at the bad!

No weigh in today!

Yep, I decided to skip a weigh in today due to having a full on "cheat" day Saturday when I celebrated my wedding anniversary with my husband.  I also had a ~cough~ unexpected visitor~cough~ show up early yesterday, which also hurts me when it arrives. With both things AND how depressed I was feeling yesterday,… Continue reading No weigh in today!

Never giving up

People MUST be getting tired of me posting every week about how I'm stuck, but what else can I say when that is what I am.  Still stuck at the same weight, but never giving up! I will keep going until my body gets tired 0f hanging on to this needless weight! 🙂  

This darn gear is stuck!

Seriously....my weight loss gear is stuck in neutral, and I would really, REALLY like for it to head back to drive. I don't really know what else to say....just feel like I'm stuck in mud or literally in a car that has died and refuses to budge an inch. BUT...my measurements budged an inch and… Continue reading This darn gear is stuck!

The more things change, the more they stay the same

I'm feeling deja vu and not just because I feel I have used this title before....I feel it because I am the same as last week, BUT I did lose a pound last week so it's just one week of being stuck so far.  It will be nice when this "stuck" hump is finished and… Continue reading The more things change, the more they stay the same

One is so lonely, but much better than none!

If you haven't already guessed from my title post, I finally dropped some weight after being stuck for what seemed to me like forever. It was just one pound, but I worked hard for it! That one pound for me was like the equivalent of building a house and working constantly to see the end… Continue reading One is so lonely, but much better than none!

Sometimes it’s okay to stay still :)

Sometimes moving forward is what you want so badly that your life seems to freeze in place and feel rather sedentary when you're not moving. Moving backwards may be fun when you're a kid, but I simply can't allow myself  to regress. I've been stuck in a virtual tug-of-war over my weight for years, and… Continue reading Sometimes it’s okay to stay still 🙂