Rain, Rain, Wash away all the Pain

It's a rainy day here and after the events of this past week, including last night, I feel like the rain is in solidarity with the mood of so many. Unless you live in a cave, you know about the tragedy at the Boston Marathon. You may NOT yet know about the Fertilizer Plant that… Continue reading Rain, Rain, Wash away all the Pain

“Thunderstorm Days” A Poem

I love days like today Where the weather is cool and I can smell rain in the air. A sense of anticipation lingers As I watch the treetops swaying in the wind. Side to side they shimmy As if they are dancing the tango, The thunder calls out the beat And they move in step… Continue reading “Thunderstorm Days” A Poem

Rainy Day Lockout

Today started out bright and sunny with a strong chance of rain and a tornado watch for later in the day. Me and my husband went to Target so I could buy Stephen King's latest novel, 11/22/63, a huge book at well over 800 pages that is based around the shooting of JFK. I had… Continue reading Rainy Day Lockout

Droughts and that other D word no one likes

Even if you don't live in Texas like I do, you have probably heard on the news or read somewhere about our lack of much needed rain here. At last look, there was only one county in the whole state of Texas NOT under a burn ban because of such dry conditions. When I step… Continue reading Droughts and that other D word no one likes

Into each life, some rain must fall

Ever since my post on Monday, this quote has been stuck in my head. Stuck on repeat like an old fashioned record that got hung up on the needle. All it did was rain all day on Monday and somewhere in the middle of me thinking about how you have to deal with Monday to… Continue reading Into each life, some rain must fall