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It’s a rainy day here and after the events of this past week, including last night, I feel like the rain is in solidarity with the mood of so many. Unless you live in a cave, you know about the tragedy at the Boston Marathon. You may NOT yet know about the Fertilizer Plant that exploded last night in the little town of West, Texas though. This last tragedy started with an out of control fire, the first by some form of terrorist, either domestic or international. Both are devastating and heartbreaking, though. The little town of West with its population of 2,800 is near Waco, which I knew of but until this tragedy occurred, I had never heard of West. Very saddening how a little, unheard of town to me can become famous overnight practically from such a horrible thing. The last news I heard was there were 160 injured and who knows how many dead? It was a massive explosion which hit a middle school, nursing home, an apartment complex and several homes. Even five blocks from the blast, 60 more homes were heavily damaged. Now there’s a massive search underway for missing people as well as treating the injured.

I saw on the news the other day that April is notorious for tragedies. Columbine, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma City, and the Waco bombing are ALL past April tragedies. The fact that ONE of these past events is incredibly close to the West, Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion in not only location but the date has to be a chilling reminder. The Waco bombing occurred 20 years ago tomorrow. I pray that the tragedies are over for this month, as well as from now on!

Another thing about April is the little saying, “April showers bring May Flowers”. Unrelated, you might say, but I’m not so sure. Rain washes away dirt and debris and is Mother Nature’s cleaner, in that regard. I sit here and hope that there will be a metaphorical rain that washes away all this pain of tragedy and on the other side, we will be able to see the sun again and a rainbow of hope. I pray all the horrible debris will be swept away and in the aftermath, we will see a new growth of strength, perseverance, and unity. Everyone affected by tragedy this week are in my thoughts and prayers and I pray for “rain” to come into your life and help wash away all your sadness and pain that you may be able to look forward to seeing the sun again.

~Virtual hugs to all!~

{April 15, 2013}   No Loss, No Gain

Yep, no weight loss this week, at least in numbers, BUT no gain either, so…I guess you have to take it all in stride. On Saturday, I went out with my Mom to Outback Steakhouse for lunch and we were seated in a booth. I haven’t even attempted sitting at a booth in forever. I had gotten so big that the last time I TRIED to sit in a booth, I was crammed in so tight that I couldn’t breathe! Therefore, since then, every time we are given a booth, my Mom looks at me with this look of, “Do you want a table?” and I kind of make this “Uhhh…I think we should get a table” reaction and I don’t even attempt a booth. If you’ve ever been really overweight, you will probably understand the embarrassment of getting in a booth and barely fitting or not fitting into a chair somewhere. It’s pretty traumatic……so even as I have been losing weight, I have still shied away from booths.

BUT on Saturday, I didn’t look towards my mom for her reaction. I went over to my side of the booth and slid right in…and to my surprise, I got it really easy and actually had room between the table and the seat! Wow…I honestly can’t remember the last time THAT’S happened! I was in shock for a bit and I definitely told my mom right away how surprised I was. It was really just a test for myself to TRY the booth and when I looked at the space between the seat and the table, I was a little afraid cause it looked pretty tight. I overcame the fear and decided to try it though and it was kind of this new realization that I really DO weigh 78 pounds less than I used to! I mean, the numbers tell me that, the clothes fit better, but it’s still hard sometimes to really SEE yourself as being that much smaller. I still catch myself feeling like I’m close to 400 instead of 10 pounds below 300 and I guess I may feel that way for awhile. I see these people on TV all the time that have lost tons of weight but they see in the mirror themselves as their old selves…and I always wondered why they didn’t see the difference! I almost want to grab them through the TV, shake them and say, “Girl, look at YOU! You look good! You are not THAT bigger girl anymore!”…..and now I am experiencing a bit of that delusion for myself. I wonder if I will ever get to the point where I will SEE the differences and not always see myself as bigger than I am. I FEEL younger than I am…why can’t I FEEL smaller than I am or at least my actual size? Anyone else out there ever been in my shoes and can relate? I would love to hear what you think! 🙂

Crossing my fingers there will be a loss next week!

P.S. My thoughts and prayers go out to family and friends of those who were killed or injured during the explosion today at the Boston Marathon. This world is a scary place when you run a marathon and your life can be taken. 😦 Cherish your loved ones and remember to always let them know how you feel. None of us are EVER guaranteed tomorrow!

{April 11, 2011}   Prayers needed

I know this is a second post but I am just asking for all my blogging buddies and whoever else might come across this to keep my mom in your prayers. She will be having knee replacement surgery in the morning and I would appreciate any prayers sent on her behalf that it all goes smoothly. Thanks!

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