Learning to be more Assertive

The idea for this post came yesterday as I was over at my Nanny's visiting with my older sister Sherri and her almost-10-year-old boy Matthew.  We were discussing about her middle daughter (my niece Grace) and how she is not good at being assertive and standing up for herself.  I could relate, and my Mom… Continue reading Learning to be more Assertive

I remember this feeling….

Back in 2011, when I did my first Post-a-day challenge, I got this feeling very often. This feeling of not only NOT knowing what to blog about on certain days, but just not really wanting to blog sometimes. Then I would procrastinate until the last minute and get something posted whether it was interesting or… Continue reading I remember this feeling….

Blogging as Therapy

I've taken physical therapy twice in my life. Once for a torn ligament and another after surgery and 3 months rest after breaking my fibula and detaching my deltoid ligament. The first time came from falling down almost a full staircase when no one else was home, the second from falling down about two or… Continue reading Blogging as Therapy

Abuse and Spontaneity

(This is a spontaneous poem from MY heart and is 100% true feelings for me) A Poem for my Abuser My life was supposed to be different I should have been a normal girl I never should have gone through What you put me through I shouldn't have been put into this situation I shouldn't… Continue reading Abuse and Spontaneity

Good Fortunes

Yesterday, I ate Lunch at a Chinese Restaurant and at the end of the meal, I was given a Fortune Cookie, which has become pretty traditional, although NOT Chinese in origin. I never eat the cookies due to never acquiring a taste for them, but I always enjoy reading the fortune inside. When I read… Continue reading Good Fortunes

Another week gone and holding…..

Not exactly sure on my weight today honestly due to totally forgetting the day, eating my breakfast and THEN weighing, but I am pretty sure it's probably the same as last week. 😦 Yea, it's kind of a bummer but I spent most of my weekend helping out a friend with a garage sale to… Continue reading Another week gone and holding…..

“Fight your way through”-My Journey to NOW

I was sent this yesterday on my Facebook and I have to say that THIS has to be some of the best advice I have ever received. Just knowing from someone who has already made a success in doing creative work that what you feel and go through IS completely normal and has been gone… Continue reading “Fight your way through”-My Journey to NOW

I do my best when I’m clueless

So here goes another day in my blog and I sit here, completely oblivious as to what to write in my blog. You would think after so many days of doing it, I would have thousands of ideas ready to pour out of my fingertips and onto the...typed page? Nope.....I have kept a notebook beside… Continue reading I do my best when I’m clueless

They were all lessons learned

There was a time in my life where I thought I would get to an age where there were fewer lessons to learn. With age comes wisdom, right? So I used to think that the older I got, the less there was to learn. Yet the older I have gotten, the more lessons I have… Continue reading They were all lessons learned