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I say writing board, because I can NOT draw to save myself. Seriously, give a newborn a crayon and a piece of paper and whatever they manage to scribble out would beat what I can draw!

But anyways, I am BACK! I know I have been away from my blog for way too long and I do miss it. I am still working on my 12 in ’12 journey and as you will soon read, my 3rd month goal should help me get back into the swing of things around here. But first, an update on months 1 and 2!

Month 1’s goal was to drink more water. I can say that I have been doing VERY well with this. At the most I will drink about 2 sodas a day, but mainly I have been sticking to just one and the rest of the day I just drink water. I want to stick with this because I think it’s a lot better for me and hey, it would be nice if filling myself with water could benefit my hunger pangs, ya know? I had a virus a couple weeks ago and it just lingered on forever and ever, not sure if it was the sickness or just my drinking more water, but at my doctor’s visit for the virus, I had dropped 4 pounds out of nowhere. Not sure if that number has gone down anymore or stayed, but I was happy to see it. Now if only it can KEEP going down!

Month 2’s goal was working on my depression and I HAVE been, but honestly, the path has been really rough, because LIFE and sickness got in the way and made it harder to focus on things I needed to. I have been working on trying to be more positive, but I think Month 3’s goal will help more.

For this month, I want to get back into blogging regularly, like I did all last year. Yea, OK, maybe that’s not very original, but I have noticed that getting away from blogging has taken away one of the biggest ways I cope with depression AND how I keep in contact with the people I care about. I miss using my blog as an outlet and reading other blogs. I think I have been kind of overwhelmed with getting back into reading them, because I am just SOOOO behind and I feel like it will take me a year to catch up. I think my best avenue will be to just start with the most recent posts of people I was following and get back into the routine and not worry so much about everything I missed. I would really love to read ALL I missed, but I think people will understand if that might not be an easy task to do.

So here I am, back in the blogging world. Next week I will restart my www wednesday letting everyone know what all I have read since the last one. I will return to doing Five Question Fridays and then blogging whatever comes out in between those times. I still plan to do posts like Mirthful Monday was but they may just be on whatever days I feel like posting them instead of just on Monday’s. Sorry I have been gone for so long and I hope my readers are still out there and I’m not just posting to the crickets!

Have a great weekend,

TheRealSharon 😉

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