It’s not you, but it’s also not really me

Triggers can go deeper than you realize

Turning my worthless into Good Enough

I recently did a post about triggers and how I realized the cause of one of mine during a counseling session. This past Friday, I was able to bring up another recent trigger I experienced, and my counselor did a therapy with me that was sort of like EMDR but involved holding these paddles (?)… Continue reading Turning my worthless into Good Enough

Let’s talk triggers

Trigger warning: Just in case it wasn't already obvious, this post is all about triggers, so if you have some triggers that really bother you, you MAY want to avoid this post. Huge crowds. The smell of certain foods. A certain word uttered by a stranger in a certain tone. The sight of an object… Continue reading Let’s talk triggers

Blogging as Therapy

I've taken physical therapy twice in my life. Once for a torn ligament and another after surgery and 3 months rest after breaking my fibula and detaching my deltoid ligament. The first time came from falling down almost a full staircase when no one else was home, the second from falling down about two or… Continue reading Blogging as Therapy

Month 2 of “12 in ’12”; goal: take control of depression

Month one's goal was slow in getting started, but I am now happy to report that I have been drinking a LOT more water in the past week. I intend to keep it up and even increase it throughout the rest of this year. I've been struggling to pick month two's goal, but have finally… Continue reading Month 2 of “12 in ’12”; goal: take control of depression