Going Steady

After making that title, I am giggling to myself at the reaction it might receive for those of my parent's generation who consider the term "Going Steady" as something totally unrelated to this post. 🙂 Here's my weekly weight loss results.....I am STILL holding steady at last week's weight but I am cool with that… Continue reading Going Steady

One is the loneliest number

So I stole my title from a song because I am down 1 more pound BUT on the bright side, I am actually ecstatic about this news! WHY? Because I'm a woman and I gain water weight once a month...LOL...and for once, my weight STILL went down regardless of that fact. 🙂 So, yippee! I… Continue reading One is the loneliest number

I hate Math, but I’m loving THESE Measurements!

Time for my weekly weight loss results! AND I'm either at the same weight as last week OR I lost 3 more pounds. Why am I so unsure? WELL...my scale has usually been saying I am 3 more pounds than what the doctor's scale is so on the weeks I am not weighing in THERE,… Continue reading I hate Math, but I’m loving THESE Measurements!