A number I can live with!

It's that time...time for my weekly check in AND some other news as well! 🙂 Since last Monday, I am down 3 more pounds for a total of....46 pounds lost in a little less than 4 months! Woot! 🙂 That means I have 4 pounds left to reach my Christmas goal! Do you think I… Continue reading A number I can live with!

Weight Loss Update

Here's a short little update for you! I am down 2 more pounds since last week making my weight loss at 38 pounds total now! Woohoo! That's all I have to say in that regard, but I also wanted to use this update to wish everyone in Hurricane Sandy's path safety and PLEASE take the… Continue reading Weight Loss Update

An Update on my life for those who want to know

First of all, the 19th was mine and my husband's anniversary. It was a good one and I am excited for many more! We had a gift card to Olive Garden but we didn't end up eating there. Right as we got there and walked in, the power went out! I was actually surprised to… Continue reading An Update on my life for those who want to know