How to make twins, a fun quiz and two sites that will leave you laughing

Ever wanted to know if the way you talk is more Northern, Southern or just a standard United States speak? Well, I invite you to take this fun quiz and find out! The Yankee or Dixie Quiz!┬áMy result was 57% Dixie OR Barely in Dixie....I have lived in Texas all my life by the way,… Continue reading How to make twins, a fun quiz and two sites that will leave you laughing

Humor Lightens the Mood

I love how someone can say something hilarious in the moment when things are not looking so great and it just takes you out of it for a bit...makes you forget and laugh. I have friends in my life that can do that. Lighten my mood when it's down, turn that frown upside down. My… Continue reading Humor Lightens the Mood

A laugh to end a sick day guessed it. I am still sick. Thought I would post some jokes to cheer myself and others up. Here you go! MORNING SICKNESS The neighbor dropped in on a friend and found her sitting at the kitchen table, staring blankly at a half-empty cup of coffee; her three kids squabbling loudly in the other… Continue reading A laugh to end a sick day

Kid’s Advice to kids

This was taken out of a blog I did on Myspace in January of 2006 and I believe the original place I got this was from an e-mail....I'm sick so I'm just copy/pasting my post tonight. "Never trust a dog to watch your food." Patrick, age 10 "When your dad is mad and asks you,… Continue reading Kid’s Advice to kids

Does God have a sense of humor?

Today in my "Women's Book of Confidence" was about Heeding Physical Clues. In other words, trying to figure out what your body is trying to tell you when it's hurting or sick. But the only thing going through my mind at the moment is that my life is freaking me out with how everything is… Continue reading Does God have a sense of humor?

Road trip!

Don't you just love road trips? There's just something about getting out on the wide, open road and exploring new places. Me and my husband went on a day trip to a different city about 2 hrs. from our home today. It was part shopping trip, part relaxing drive for me(at least somewhat) and a… Continue reading Road trip!

Are you serious???

This is a rather late post for me. I apologize for that but I have just been slow getting to my blog today. I just thought I would share something funny from last night or rather VERY early this morning. I was searching for restaurants near the Longview, Texas area because me and my husband… Continue reading Are you serious???

It’s funny how

Some days you just want to laugh at crazy things that happen to you...Today, right before I got on the computer, one of those things happened. I went into the bedroom and was looking by the bed for something and I hit the side of my ankle hard on the metal frame. I screamed ouch… Continue reading It’s funny how

Baby, it’s cold outside

  Ok, so for those of you don't know, I live in Texas and it doesn't get THAT cold here very often. BRRRRR! It is actually cold here...not that I am complaining too much. I actually LOVE cold weather. Of course, I wouldn't want to live somewhere where it snowed, though. I like the cold… Continue reading Baby, it’s cold outside

Life on a Bumper

I'm fresh out of philosophical ideas at the moment so I went searching for comedy. What I found was a lot of funny sayings on bumper stickers and I just thought I would share some of my favorites that I found all over the internet. Madness takes its toll--please have exact change ready. I have… Continue reading Life on a Bumper