You take the good, and you stick your tongue out at the bad!

I don't like posting that I gained a little back after last week, but hey, it's the truth.  After finally getting unstuck and down to 281, I went back up a few pounds. So to the evil number on the scale, I stick my tongue out at you! You will not win, though! I shall… Continue reading You take the good, and you stick your tongue out at the bad!

No weigh in today!

Yep, I decided to skip a weigh in today due to having a full on "cheat" day Saturday when I celebrated my wedding anniversary with my husband.  I also had a ~cough~ unexpected visitor~cough~ show up early yesterday, which also hurts me when it arrives. With both things AND how depressed I was feeling yesterday,… Continue reading No weigh in today!

Three Quarters of the Way to 100!

Woohoo! Yep, I've hit the 75 lb. mark! I lost 2 more pounds since last week and have finally made it to 75 total pounds lost! Now I'm ready to head straight ahead to the 100 mark and....I really think my husband should buy me something really special when I get there, huh? What do… Continue reading Three Quarters of the Way to 100!

Stickity Stuck….

If you haven't already guessed from the title, I am stuck. This makes the second week in a row with no real loss...and yea, it sucks. Still not giving up, but I decided to go against the grain today and do something not everyone agrees with. Today, I am having a Guilt Free Day in… Continue reading Stickity Stuck….

And then it STOPPED….

This is my weekly weight loss check in and by the title you may have already guessed my news for the week.....Yep....same as last week. No loss, no gain..well, OK, that's not really true, I lost like 1/4 of a pound. LOL...But it's still the same Main number on the scale so yea, I hit… Continue reading And then it STOPPED….