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{September 17, 2012}   Another week gone and holding…..

Not exactly sure on my weight today honestly due to totally forgetting the day, eating my breakfast and THEN weighing, but I am pretty sure it’s probably the same as last week. 😦

Yea, it’s kind of a bummer but I spent most of my weekend helping out a friend with a garage sale to raise some much needed money to help save her house and I KNOW I got more exercise than I have had in the past few weeks. Due to this constant dizziness, I have cut back on my Zumba and Just Dance workouts. My doctor told me not to do a lot right now, anyways, so it’s safe to say my body is exhausted from the exercise it DID get this weekend. And when I say exercise, I mean what MY own body considers that, but I’m sure a lot of people might not have a problem doing, ya know? I did move boxes and run around a good bit for ME though so it’s possible I gained some muscle, who knows?

I’m proud of myself for sticking with my diet, though. I was offered Kolaches, Hot dogs, Chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, pound cake, AND soda this weekend and I turned it all down. Granted that none of these, except for maybe the kolaches and chocolate chip cookies were that HARD to turn down, but hey, I did and it would have been easy to just say, “A little bit won’t hurt.” And in fact, a little bit might NOT have, but I remember in the past when I told myself this and I gave in. Once I gave in once, it was easier to give in again and again. So I think it’s just better to say no.

So it’s a rainy day today, it’s making me feel tired, my back is killing me when I bend down, I have a sunburned neck and possible hives or sun rash on my arm like I did around this time last year. But I’m just telling you this…not saying it to complain. This past Thursday, Friday and Saturday were amazing. Wasn’t all easy but so worth it. I met some great people, laughed a lot, held back tears a lot and saw more giving and caring people than I have probably seen in my whole life. It truly renews my hope for humankind and the future and I feel so blessed to have got to be there to see it all. My friend will be able to keep her home and I got a blessing myself in seeing people come together and give of themselves to help someone else.

Because of this, I am calm and absolutely happy with the week even IF I saw no loss in weight. I got enough gifts this week without needing the weight loss. 🙂

{November 12, 2011}   Giving, Receiving and Indian Givers

I remember growing up and hearing my mother use the term “Indian Giver” a lot to describe people who gave you a gift and then eventually took it back or tried to. I also remember as a kid, sometimes there were people who would give you a gift with the stipulation that if you did this or that, the gift would have to be returned. I always hated that. A gift is supposed to be something given without expectation of anything back. Obviously, there are times when one might expect a gift back. At Christmas, you get a gift for a family member and you probably expect they will get you one back, but it doesn’t always happen. As a kid, it can make you sad when you give and don’t get, but as I got older, I realized the REAL meaning of giving is being happy even if you get nothing in return. Just knowing you made the other person happy can truly be a gift in itself.

There have been many times in the past years where I have been given a gift during the holidays and I either couldn’t afford to give one back or if I did, it was far less expensive than the one given to me. Money isn’t easy to come by for everyone and some members of my own family have enough to buy gifts for everyone else, while others don’t. This is why the older members started a tradition of drawing names for the adults so they get one gift of a certain price for one other adult and then all kids still in school are given gifts from everyone if it can be afforded. Even so, the rules are broken by some adults that CAN afford more and it does make me sad because I can’t always reciprocate, but as long as the one giving understands that, everything is fine.

I have a really big issue with people that are Indian Givers. When I say that term, I am speaking of the definition that WE in America have given it. The term “Indian Givers” came because of help and aid given by Indians that were misinterpreted as gifts. To the Indians, they were just helping, expecting eventually there would be a payback of equal price or the return of the item, so it was more of an exchanging of gifts OR a trade. European Americans mistook the giving as their meaning of a gift, which is something that one gives expecting nothing in return. So the whole term came out of a complete misunderstanding and it still sticks today. I feel bad almost for using it cause it makes it sound as if Indians are these hateful people who take back their gifts when the truth is they weren’t.

Nevertheless, there are times when a person gives you something and it is understood that it’s  not a mere gift. A person may lend you an item to use for a certain time period or until you can afford to get the item yourself, for instance. A person may give you an item and make arrangements to trade with you for another item you have of equal price. In these circumstances and some others, it’s not a gift, but a loan or a trade. If a person gives you a gift for a special occasion, you expect it to be a gift and not a loan or trade. If a person hands you an item and says, “Here, I want you to have this” and doesn’t make any stipulations that it’s only for a certain time period or that they want something in return, it’s considered a gift. Excluding translation problems due to people speaking different languages, this really should be self explanatory. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always seem to be, because there are still people that end up asking for the “gift” back for whatever reason or get mad because they weren’t given anything in return. I am not sure what I should call those sort of people, but I guess you could say they are “empty” givers, because their giving is without true meaning of the word. At the same time as I call them that, I feel an extreme sadness for people that are empty givers because I fear they will never know the joy I have felt. The joy of giving someone a gift, seeing them smile and feeling totally fully of happiness in knowing you made someone’s day. The joy of being alright with no reciprocation because you never GIVE expecting it. You give for the love and the joy of giving and should you end up receiving something unexpectedly, it means even more to you because you truly weren’t wanting anything in return.


Giving Thanks Day #12: Today, I am thankful for knowing what it truly means to give without expecting anything in return. I am also thankful for the wonderful mother in my life who taught me the TRUE meaning of giving, the TRUE meaning of Christmas and the TRUE meaning of unconditional love. My mother is the kind who has stated the words, “I will do without so my children never have to.” I live a life where I know I will ALWAYS have someone who will help me, no matter what happens, because I have my mother. My mother is the ultimate GIVER. She gives and she gives, never receiving even a small portion of what she gives to her family. I am so incredibly blessed and thankful for her. The older I get and the more people I meet, the more I realize that my mother is one in a billion!


As always, you may answer these questions in your own post or in the comments section!

This 5 Question Friday was brought to you by:

On to the questions!

1. Do you prefer your ice cream in a bowl or in a cone? I typically prefer a bowl or at least a bowl UNDER the cone because it melts so fast and makes such a mess! Also, if it’s a regular cone, I’m not that fond of the taste so it’s like something extra that I would rather do without. If it’s one of the chocolate cones though or those sundae cones like at the grocery store….then I would take the cone over the bowl!
2. What three things do you love the smell of? Babies(except for when they have stinky diapers!)…There’s just something so nice about the way little babies smell 🙂
I also adore the smell of Roses and I love Citrus flavored body sprays….and I’m going to add a fourth and say Cucumber Melon lotion smell! 🙂
3. Giftcards or no? (In regards to gift giving…) I think they are great for people who seem to already have everything or you just don’t know what to buy for them. I have some people in my family that are pretty picky about what they like BUT I know the stores they love so getting them a gift card is a great option for them. If the recipient is a big lover of gift cards, it really helps as well!
For people who are easier to shop for, I prefer to buy a gift if I can, though. I like taking the time to find something really special that I know they will love and I always think it means so much more when someone has taken the time to get a gift versus the card. Not to mention, I love to find cool things no one else would buy the person…I love the uniqueness! 🙂
Also if you have a certain amount that you’re looking to spend, say $20…if you give a card, that’s $20 there…BUT if you buy a gift or gifts, you might be able to find sales where you can get more than one item that was originally marked higher so your $20 limit ends up looking like you spent a whole lot more. So I also like how I can end up giving more but staying in budget instead of just giving a card. I guess I learned this from my Mom!
4. What sports did you play in high school if any and do you still play them? The only sports I played were in P.E. and I avoided that as much as possible…I was the kid picked last so I hated P.E. I wasn’t very athletic either but I think I could have done decent if I had been treated better. I actually liked playing basketball when I had the chance and could do an under the leg trick my brother taught me. I remember the ONE time people actually passed me the ball in P.E. and I scored a 2 point shot….No one ever passed to me again, so who knows if I might have been any good or it was just luck?
5. Were you in band in high school? What instrument did you play? Nope, I was a Choir kid but my best friend in school played drums in the Marching Band

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