How to be nice to your friends…even when they DON’T deserve it!

*This is a post that was requested by a friend/customer of my Jewelry Candles Business* First of all, I think we ALL at times need to know how to be nice when our friend is acting not so deserving of it at the moment. I admit it can be hard for me sometimes. I think… Continue reading How to be nice to your friends…even when they DON’T deserve it!

The Evolution of Friendship

A close friend recently gave me the topic of Friendships and how they evolve to post about....I admit that the idea of this kind of post seems overwhelming to me. How do I summarize friendships? Each person tends to have a different idea of what it truly means and each friendship is unique in its… Continue reading The Evolution of Friendship

Things that make me smile unexpectedly

Sometimes things just happen in life that are completely unexpected but so wonderful. A close friend of mine and my husband's recently gifted us some money for our upcoming anniversary and it came out of nowhere. Me and my husband had no real plans for spending our anniversary as we are usually on a tight… Continue reading Things that make me smile unexpectedly

A special birthday tribute to my BEST friend

She has been my best friend practically from birth, even though I was 2 months shy of my 5th birthday when she was born. There's no irony lost on me that the number 5 would later become my favorite number. She was the second of my nieces to be born into this world and from… Continue reading A special birthday tribute to my BEST friend