I don’t want to die(t)

Why dieting is not in my vocabulary

Why Must We Judge as if We Know?

This post is from a discussion I had with my husband last week plus many other thoughts that have been in my head for awhile. Why do we seem to always judge each other as if we KNOW everything simply by looking at them? AND why do people tend to think of certain groups of… Continue reading Why Must We Judge as if We Know?

A Plus Sized Rant

I remember always being a little chubby as I was growing up. My two older sisters were a normal weight and so was my brother. My dad was always a healthy weight but my mom was a little chunkier after she started having kids, but never obese. My mom cooked meals for me just as… Continue reading A Plus Sized Rant

It’s time for some rants!

A lot of these things were on my mind when I did my "Everything but the kitchen sink" post BUT they are all rants basically and I didn't feel like they quite fit with the tone of that post. So here are some rants that have been bugging me lately. First of all, today I… Continue reading It’s time for some rants!