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I’m feeling deja vu and not just because I feel I have used this title before….I feel it because I am the same as last week, BUT I did lose a pound last week so it’s just one week of being stuck so far.  It will be nice when this “stuck” hump is finished and I can start losing consistently again. 😦

Oh well…..This weight loss can get stuck as much as it wants, but I refuse to give up!

At least in this case. Every week lately, I’ve been dropping 2 pounds a week. This week, I’m down just one but I think womanly issues has something to do with that…LOL..I’m thinking next week will maybe go back to the normal two pound a week thing. At least I am hoping so, but we will see!

I took my measurements for the month yesterday and I have lost another 3.5 inches! Very excited about this since the past 2 months have been .5 and 1.5, ugh! My total inches lost in 8 1/2 months is 34 inches overall! That’s almost 3 feet…wow!

Another thing I have discovered lately when trying on shoes is that my feet are shrinking! I knew that my feet are thinner now since they have stopped swelling when I walk a lot, so I figured that instead of needing wider shoes, I would now be able to wear normal width. The shoes I have been wearing for years are mostly size 9’s but I’ve been able to wear 8 1/2 in some shoes. The past two shoes I have bought were some flip flops that come in M(7/8) and L(9/10) and both times, I tried on the L first cause that’s usually what I got and then discovered they were too big but the M fit perfect! Today, I tried on some heels (that were cute but heels scare me since I hurt my foot years ag0). The heels were 8 1/2 and they were too big! There was a big space at the back with extra room. So…I guess I wear a size 8 now? I wonder if my feet are going to shrink any more. I wasn’t expecting to have my feet shrink, too. In the past when I lost from 320 to 250, my feet stayed the same size. I ate on a different diet plan that I do now but it’s strange that my feet stayed the same then but this time I went from 368 to 290 and my feet are smaller than they were THEN. Crazy!

Anyone else ever have their feet shrink at any time in their life?

{March 11, 2013}   Another Day, Another?

Not a Dollar…BUT another pound, yes! Just one since last week, but hey…I have to remember that change doesn’t always show up with the numbers on the scale, but in how I feel. The slowing down of weight loss does get to me at times, but then I remember how far I’ve come so far and I know I can do this. I just have to stop worrying on how FAST it continues to come off and be happy that it’s still coming off at all…even if it seems snail crawling slow!

As for my monthly measurements, this past month has proved to be the lowest change I have had since I started 7 months ago. This last month I have only lost a half an inch. 😦 Bummer…..This brings my total to 30.5 inches lost…I like thinking of THAT number more because the .5 kind of makes me feel like I failed. I guess after 7 months, it’s normal to have a month or two with not as much inches lost? Honestly, I’m not too sure cause this time around is the first that I have consistently kept track of the numbers versus just wearing clothes and seeing/feeling the difference. If anyone knows the answer, I would love to hear it. I still dropped weight this past month, though…even if it wasn’t much, though so I still am proud of myself with sticking with it.

At this point, 7 months in, I’m at the point to where if I HAD called this a diet, I would be feeling very burned out and be wanting to cheat a bit and get bummed out, but as I said before, this is NOT a diet to me, this is my lifestyle now. From now on, the way I eat now is the way I want to eat for life. At some point, I MAY incorporate healthy snacks to my day once my doctor says it’s fine, but for now, I’m sticking to the 3 healthy meals as much as possible and that’s how I want to eat forever. A little goodie here and there is fine when I REALLY want it, but otherwise, I’m going to be a healthy eater. It is my new goal for people to see how I eat NOW and tell me I eat like a rabbit. LOL I want to be known as someone who eats healthy instead of someone who ingests nothing but fatty junk food! I don’t know about you, but I look at this now as a very rewarding and complimentary thing!

{February 25, 2013}   Out with the Old, In with the New!

You MAY notice my old goal missing from the right side of the page and a new one in its place. Well…this is because my old goal has been completed! In fact, it’s actually been surpassed so I have now added my new goal. I am at 298, which means in 7 months I have lost 71 pounds! 🙂

My new goal is to get to 250, which is 50 pounds below that evil 300 number! Why 250? The last time I was at a place where I felt really healthy and in the best shape since I was a kid was when I got down to 250. Now, I of course, want to eventually get below even that, but for now, my next goal is to get THERE first. I’m putting down 50 by 2014, although I feel like I can get there BEFORE then, just because I’ve already lost 71 and it MAY realistically take a bit longer. Who knows? It may not, but I just really want to lose the 50 in the best way, slow and steady, and not put a tough time constraint on it. So this goal is more about just losing the 50 and not worrying about the length of time it takes. I have already seen such a chance in my body and how I feel emotionally that as long as I just don’t see 300 or above ever again, I am fine with the weight coming off in its own time. Physically, my body honestly feels worse than it did in some ways. Mainly just my bad ankle and my knees, which my doctor has said IS probably cause of the weight and hopefully will get better as I continue to lose. So, I am extremely happy AND proud of myself for my journey so far and I’m going to continue living healthy and hopefully seeing more positive changes! 🙂

It appears the Guilt Free Day I had last week either helped me or didn’t have a negative effect, at least, for I have become unstuck this week! I am down another 2 pounds and in just a measly 2 more pounds, I will be able to turn around and tell the number 300, “Good Riddance and I plan to NEVER see you again!” 🙂

Also, I took my measurements a few days ago and I have lost another 4 inches since last month. Two in my waist and two in my hips, yay! This brings my total inches loss to 30 inches! It’s weird to think I USED to have 30 inches extra on my body…and 67 pounds! Wow…it’s definitely an accomplishment that I am proud of, but I don’t plan to stop anytime soon!

Even though THIS goal hasn’t been completed yet, I will go ahead and let you know what my NEXT goal is going to be. Back years ago when I first lost a lot of weight and started getting into acting, singing and dancing in college, I was hovering around 250-260. My next goal is to get back to 250…which was my skinniest since high school. I know that it might take awhile but I know I can do it! For now, I will first focus on THIS goal, but I am already eyeing that next one!

In news totally unrelated to my weight, I had my first ever true interview today at a medical office as a checkout person and though I felt as good as I could possibly feel about the interview, I am unsure as to whether they will give a newbie a chance or not. I would be greatly appreciate you sending well wishes my way! 🙂 I will let you know how it goes!

{January 28, 2013}   At a Standstill

No pounds came off this past week….BUT on the bright side, no pound were added! So I’m still at 303…..:(

I think this might be the first time since I started that I haven’t had any loss in a week and it IS a bummer, I have to say. I’m not giving up though, I KNEW it was bound to happen at one point. Just got to push through and keep going! Hopefully next week, I’ll go back to shaving off a pound or two a week, at the least!

Never giving up! I went to the doctor today for my weight check and since I haven’t seen HIM since three weeks ago, all he noticed was a drop of 8 pounds since then and he was really proud of me. It feels very rewarding when people notice my weight loss and tell me they are proud of me. Like I have said before, when YOU’RE the one losing, sometimes you don’t notice as much because you live with yourself ALL the time. It’s hard to notice the changes except for in how you feel and how your clothes fit. Hearing that others SEE a change makes me feel that I AM making a difference and I AM doing well. Of course, it’s not about looking better cause I weigh less…it’s about me feeling healthier, less depressed and what my doctor said today when he commented on how I get around better. I walk with a lot more confidence and it’s easier to walk now that I’m not so close to 400. 😦 I’m embarrassed I ever allowed myself to get to that point but I have to remind myself that it wasn’t because of laziness or pigging out that I got there. It was based on not eating as healthy as I should combined with a medical disorder and depression along with a loss of hope. I still don’t know what got me to have hope again. I know having a blogger friend who was changing her life inspired me but even with the inspiration, it took awhile for me to be in the right frame of mind to go for it. I am SO thankful that I found hope, though and there’s no turning back now. As much as unhealthy food might taste wonderful at the moment, Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels! It’s just no longer worth it to me to eat unhealthy food all the time. Once in awhile is fine but eating healthy 99% of the time makes my body feel better which in turn keeps me from being depressed ALL the time. It’s so worth it and it’s about so much more than the numbers of what I weigh and the size I wear. It’s about being healthy. 🙂

See you next week for the next update!


Author Unknown

Lord, My soul is ripped with riot

Incited by my wicked diet.

“We are what we eat,” said a wise old man,

Lord, if that’s true, I’m a garbage can.

To rise on Judgment Day, it’s plain,

With my present weight, I’ll need a crane.

So grant me strength that I may not fall,

Into the clutches of cholesterol.

May my flesh with carrot-curls be dated,

That my soul may be polyunsaturated

And show me the light that I may bear witness,

To the President’s Council on Physical Fitness,

And at oleomargarine I’ll never mutter,

For the road to Hell is paved with butter.

And cream is cursed; and cake is awful;

And Satan is hiding in every waffle.

Mephistopheles lurks in pepperoni,

The Devil himself in each slice of bologna.

Beelzebub is a chocolate drop,

And Lucifer is a lollipop.

Give me this day my daily slice,

Cut it thin and toast it twice.

I beg upon my dimpled knees,

Deliver me from jujube’s.

And when my days of trial are done,

And my war with malted milk balls won,

Let me stand with Heavenly throng,

In a shining robe–size 30 long.

I can do it Lord, if you’ll show to me,

The virtues of lettuce and celery.

Teach me the evil of mayonnaise,

And of pasta a la Milanese.

And crisp-friend chicken from the South,

Lord, if you love me, shut my mouth!

*This was in a book I’m reading that gives tips and inspiration for losing weight. It’s a humorous Christian poem, but even if you don’t consider yourself one, I think you will still find this funny!*

I started this post out humorous cause the news the scale brought me this morning was not exactly exciting. I gained back a pound since Friday and yes, it’s frustrating, but at the same time I’m not worried like you may think. I have been exercising a lot lately and I know muscle weighs more than fat so I really think that may be the reason. I don’t feel guilty because I can honestly say I haven’t cheated once since I started. I have been fully committed to changing my life for the better and I feel changes in my body whether I see them as fast as I would wish or not. Sure, I would LOVE to drop like 10 pounds a week but that’s not realistic and I know it. Not only is it not realistic but dropping too much too fast can also mean extra skin just hanging there once you lose a lot. I do NOT want that, believe me! So, I am going to continue eating like my doctor said, exercising and just cross my fingers that next Monday, I will see a reduction…even if it’s a small one.

Today is hard on the exercise front. I ended up stuck in Jury Duty ALL day and to be honest, I am exhausted and sleepy and don’t feel like doing anything. I also know I don’t HAVE to because I have the past 4 days and there’s nothing wrong with taking a break. However, I know that if I push through my mind telling me I can’t do it that I will be thankful I DID after it’s done.

So…it’s 7:38 p.m. right now. I ate my last meal a little over an hour ago and I will be fitting in my Just Dance Sweat program sometime tonight before my head hits the pillow. I have a feeling I will be crashing early tonight….but not before I exercise. 🙂

{August 3, 2012}   Week Two Results

Well, it has been two weeks since I made the decision to change my life for the better. I dropped another pound this week for a total of seven pounds all together. I was expecting more, but (and sorry if you’re a guy reading this) I just recently had a visit from “Aunt Flow”. From past experience, I tend to put on a few pounds of water weight when she visits so I am really hoping for a drop on the scale when she leaves. I have made my first check-in with my doctor for this coming Monday so it would be nice to show even more of a loss. I know I shouldn’t be hummed about the one pound loss, since it’s better than nothing, but I really, REALLY want to be below 360. It’s been so long since I have…

This week has been harder because I have been craving food I can’t have, but it feels good to say I have NOT given in! Today, we took my mom to Olive Garden for her birthday and I faced my first out to eat /eating healthy challenge. I picked a salad and a meal of grilled chicken breast with broccoli and asparagus. It was good and I feel it fit my new healthier way of eating. It’s nice to know I CAN still eat out with people without feeling guilty!

For exercise, I have been doing Zumba on the Wii ..20 minute beginner classes and I can tell I am getting a little better each time. I think I am going to also research dance/aerobics videos on Netflix Instant Watch. I think having a lot of variety will keep me from getting bored and I definitely love dancing. It’s just so much fun and I forgot I am exercising!

Well…this is the update for me…I will let you know how next week goes next Friday! 🙂

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