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{February 5, 2013}   Good Fortunes

Yesterday, I ate Lunch at a Chinese Restaurant and at the end of the meal, I was given a Fortune Cookie, which has become pretty traditional, although NOT Chinese in origin. I never eat the cookies due to never acquiring a taste for them, but I always enjoy reading the fortune inside. When I read the fortune, I felt like it was a perfect one for me! My fortune said: “Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.”

I believe this to be a perfect fortune for me as well as a great saying, too. So many times in my life, because of depression, I have focused only on the negatives and all the problems in my life and let them control me and be the focus in how I live. Even people without depression can sometimes focus TOO much on what’s wrong and forget to remember the important things. A lot of times my issues push me in the direction of taking a backseat on things or NOT getting out there and striving for what I want most. I talk myself out of going for what I really want because I constantly think of what I CAN’T do and all the problems that might arise along the way. Because of this, my problems literally PUSH me away from my dreams instead of towards them. I have to learn to follow the path I need to take to do what I love and really desire even if it scares me.

So, today, I dropped off resumes at 13 different doctor’s office in the hopes of acquiring a job answering phones and/or doing basic clerical skills with the future hope of becoming a full fledged secretary or receptionist. It’s not blogging for a living, but it is a job that I feel drawn to and I have a strong desire for. I truly enjoy doing clerical work and it makes me happy. In the back of my head, I worry that I won’t be good enough or I’m not as qualified as I believe I am, but I push away that doubt and KNOW that it’s something I want to do and I know that I’m a determined individual who CAN and WILL work hard and to the best of my ability. Writing and blogging are still what I love even more so I will continue to go after those dreams as well. Why not go after ALL the dreams you have for yourself?

I will be keeping this fortune close so I will always be able to give myself the reminder to not be pushed by my problems, but to be led by my dreams! I love how sometimes the boost you need the most can come not from eating a cookie, but a message inside a cookie. 🙂

{January 24, 2013}   What Came from No Ideas….

I really believe that in moments where you don’t know what to do, once you get over that fear of worrying about it, clarity begins. For instance, right now, as much as I promise myself to be more organized and have topics and posts picked out days ahead of time…it NEVER works! At least not for a very long period of time. For awhile, the ideas flow and I have it all figured out but just like in life, you CAN’T have it all figured out forever. Sometimes you run out of ideas and you rack your brain then maybe you get lucky and an idea emerges, and sometimes you don’t…it’s like a coin toss.

Today, I sat here and thought hard of a topic for a bit then I just told myself, Forget it! and in that moment of non worry, I just cleared my mind and thought about whatever came without pressuring it. What came to my mind was a deep love for my blog and how I always seem to replace what I really want with close substitutes. I love to write and people suggest different jobs that would involve that and they all sound nice but if I were really honest, NONE of them are what my dream really is for myself now. If I could make a living as a blogger, I would be extraordinarily happy. Not just any blog, but a blog just like this one….maybe even THIS blog itself. I don’t want to write designated articles that are assigned to me, I don’t really want to edit other’s works and while reviews are fun, they just don’t make me giddy inside the way I feel when I post here everyday. I want to get paid to write what I want whether that be stories, poems or just about my own life in my own words. Sort of like Carrie in “Sex and the City” and how she writes about life in the city based on her own experiences. THAT would be amazing!

Right now, if you looked at my job on Facebook, you would see Unpaid Blog Writer. I love the sound of that title even though the rewards have never been monetary. Blogging, especially when I do personal pieces, is like a release of stress from within me that pours forth from my fingertips and out through the Internet. Currently, I try to sell Jewelry Candles for some money and while I believe in the product I sell….seeing “Blog Writer” as my title is just about the best title I could picture myself having by my name except for maybe “Mother” one day!

I guess I will have to keep dreaming AND blogging….but I can still wish, right? Maybe someday……Anything is possible!

Yesterday and today’s prompt on The Daily Post sounded fun to me so I thought I would do them for my post today!

Write a haiku about something that drives you nuts. | The Daily Post at

Dishes are evil

Why can’t they just wash themselves?

They give me headaches

Not the best Haiku in the world but I hate doing dishes with a passion. Not a huge fan of cooking either but partly because there’s always dishes! If dishes would magically wash themselves, I would love to cook more.

What was your favorite class in college? | The Daily Post at

My favorite class was definitely Acting class. I started off college as a shy Music Major and when I built up the confidence to try out for a singing/dancing group there, I also decided to try out an Acting class. For fun and because I always secretly wanted to and never had the guts. I fell in love with Acting and I look back and wish I had gotten into it sooner.

I still to this day freak out at the thought of speaking in front of an audience or giving a speech, but acting in a play? It makes me a little nervous but it’s the good kind. It’s an adrenaline rush. I love the feeling of getting to play pretend for awhile. When you’re on that stage, you are no longer YOU. All the problems in your life at the moment are pushed off on the back burner. Your whole focus is on your character and somehow taking on a new persona makes me forget that underneath the character, I am still ME in front of an audience speaking. The fear subsides. It’s a feeling for years that I wish I had known before. I had sang in front of people and had a taste of it which is part of why I loved and still love to sing so much. I had no idea that acting was even more a step up from that feeling. And when I was in A.C. Singers, my friends saw a different Sharon. The same girl who would barely say hi and I’m fine was on stage singing and dancing with a huge smile on her face.

I majored in Theatre because I learned that it’s not just singing I love. I love performing. I KNOW that I was born to be a performer.

Problem is, things in my life have kept me from going after my dream….but I guess that’ll be another post…

{January 11, 2011}   It came to me in a dream…

Just checking in on my blog…trying to keep up the motivation to write more often in it….

Last night I watched a movie called “The Ladykillers”, the 1955 version, the original, NOT the remake with Tom Hanks….I forgot who they said wrote it but I remember them introducing the movie by saying that the man who did was suffering from writer’s block, went to bed and dreamed the whole story line for this movie, from beginning to end. This isn’t the first time something like that has happened and it surely won’t be the last. I’m sure everyone knows about the Twilight Saga, whether you like it or not, if you haven’t at least heard the name, you may have been living under a rock for the past couple of years. Well, the writer of this saga, Stephenie Meyer, actually dreamed up the idea for that very saga…She didn’t plan to write a book, didn’t even go to school for that, but nevertheless, the idea came to her in a dream.

This got me to thinking about my own difficulties when it comes to writing….I have been told I am a pretty good writer and I believe, at times, I can be good if the inspiration really hits me but it seems inspiration always hits me at night while I’m sleeping and by the time I am able to reproduce my thoughts to paper or to an online blog, it never quite comes out as good as it first came to me in my dream. Neither am I the only one that knows of this. I have a dear older friend who I worked with on more than one occasion within the past few years who has told me of coming up with her most creative thoughts in her sleep and she has even suggested keeping a notepad next to my bed to record the thoughts. Unfortunately, I have yet to do that, but I really feel like I should. Another woman I know who has children’s books she has written but never gotten published has told me recently that she feels a lot like me when it comes to getting this spark of inspiration and just wanting to write, write, write and then poof, nothing, for awhile…She has also mentioned that she gets her best thoughts in her sleep.

So why is this, I wonder? Why do all creative people seem to get their best thoughts in their sleep? I thought about that a lot last night and the only thing I can surmise is that our minds are constantly going during the day, no matter who you are, it’s constantly busy with all the things we need to do, the things we should do and haven’t done, the things we want to do….and let’s face it, the second we start to daydream for a bit and think on more creative things, our brains tend to steer us away from those thoughts because “Why are you thinking of stories to write when the house needs to be cleaned???? Errands need to be run? You need to do this and do that????”…..So why then is it so much of a surprise that our brains are the most open to creativity when we sleep? For that is the time when we shut off all the things we NEED to do and our body relaxes, we are allowed to freely dream away without fear of our brains reprimanding us for being lazy.

~Sighs~ So that is what I came up with for the reasons why so many writers are inspired by dreams although I am sure there are many other reasons….If only we could have an invention that saves our dreams for us so that we could remember them more easily…I think it would be so much better if I didn’t have to struggle so to remember my dreams….

May your dreams be filled with inspiration!

Question of the week: What inspires you and motivates you to be creative?

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