Another week, another pound!

This is a short little update cause I don't have too much to say other than I am down another pound! 🙂 As long as it keeps coming off instead of going on, I will BE ok with the slow drops! Total is now 65 pounds! YAY! 🙂 Next week, I will probably see my… Continue reading Another week, another pound!

Getting closer to that second goal!

I'm another 2 pounds down! That brings my total weight loss to date to....64! 🙂 Lately, I seem to be pretty consistently dropping 2 pounds a week. I know it's not huge numbers, but I am very happy with it being consistent and slow but steady. Hopefully, this will keep me for keeping a bunch… Continue reading Getting closer to that second goal!

Time for another Update!

Drum roll, please! I am down another 2 pounds this week for a grand total of 62 pounds loss! Woohoo! I just love the sound of that! Only 7 pounds more and I will get to say adieu to the number 300, hopefully forever! I also took my measurements for the month and I lost… Continue reading Time for another Update!

Excited for 2013!

First of all, Happy New Years Eve everyone! 🙂 Tomorrow I will be letting you all know my goals for the year 2013...I don't like the word resolution, I prefer "goals"! I will go ahead and give away one of them since technically, I am starting today. For 2013, I will be posting daily just… Continue reading Excited for 2013!

Goal one Complete! I kind of already announced this on Facebook but for those who don't follow me on there, I let it be known last Friday that I met my first goal! Yep, that's right. After being stuck for a few weeks, I finally hit my 50 pounds by Christmas! What I have yet to reveal… Continue reading Goal one Complete!

Stuck…and it doesn’t feel good

As if other things in my life weren't already messing up, I appear to be stuck 4 pounds away from my Christmas goal. 😦 Yep, you heard right, I am STILL the same weight as last week even though I didn't cheat on Thanksgiving! Ugh! My goal is so close, yet seemingly so far......I just… Continue reading Stuck…and it doesn’t feel good

It’s my Birthday and I’ll cheat if I want to!

Short and sweet check in before I go shopping on my 29th Birthday! I have lost 7 pounds since my last weigh in, so I am down 30 pounds total! 🙂 Yes, for those keeping score, that means a couple of those were pounds originally gained back but it's all good because they are off… Continue reading It’s my Birthday and I’ll cheat if I want to!

One day at a time….or possibly one minute

I went to the doctor today for a checkup and to ask him some questions and I was faced once again with what I always know will come up: my weight. Even just short term tasks leave me in pain in my muscles and joints and basically, my body is telling me that it's breaking… Continue reading One day at a time….or possibly one minute