I don’t want to die(t)

Why dieting is not in my vocabulary

Christmas Eve Update :)

First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! I'm going to keep this short but just wanted to let you know that I have lost another 3 pounds and since my first goal was the 50 by Christmas......my final tally by Christmas is 58 pounds lost! So I exceeded my goal by 8… Continue reading Christmas Eve Update 🙂

The Journey Continues!

In 3 days, I will have been on this Lifestyle Change Plan for 5 months. Five tough months with temptations everywhere I look, yet I am proud to say I have fought temptation and won a good 95% of the time. NOT 100% of the time, although I know some people are sticklers for this… Continue reading The Journey Continues!

And then it STOPPED….

This is my weekly weight loss check in and by the title you may have already guessed my news for the week.....Yep....same as last week. No loss, no gain..well, OK, that's not really true, I lost like 1/4 of a pound. LOL...But it's still the same Main number on the scale so yea, I hit… Continue reading And then it STOPPED….

A number I can live with!

It's that time...time for my weekly check in AND some other news as well! 🙂 Since last Monday, I am down 3 more pounds for a total of....46 pounds lost in a little less than 4 months! Woot! 🙂 That means I have 4 pounds left to reach my Christmas goal! Do you think I… Continue reading A number I can live with!

Not Week 3…but Great news!

Guess I was right about my concerns with Mrs. Flow....I went in for my first weight check-in today and my weight has dropped another six pounds since Friday! In total, I have lost 13 pounds since I started on July 20th! From 368 to 355! I am soooo excited and my doctor was so happy… Continue reading Not Week 3…but Great news!