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{December 24, 2012}   Christmas Eve Update :)

First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! I’m going to keep this short but just wanted to let you know that I have lost another 3 pounds and since my first goal was the 50 by Christmas……my final tally by Christmas is 58 pounds lost! So I exceeded my goal by 8 pounds! 🙂 YAY! I LOVE the sound of that!

BUT my journey continues in losing weight, so I will see you all next Monday for another update! Since I plan to stay eating healthy through Christmas Day, I’m hoping to see some more loss then! Again, I wish you all Happy Holidays!

{December 17, 2012}   The Journey Continues!

In 3 days, I will have been on this Lifestyle Change Plan for 5 months. Five tough months with temptations everywhere I look, yet I am proud to say I have fought temptation and won a good 95% of the time. NOT 100% of the time, although I know some people are sticklers for this but I think I’m more of the type where, There’s food out there that you LOVE and you’re going to always crave, to say you will NEVER eat any of it again is pretty unrealistic, right? I think moderation is going to have to be the key. Eat healthy but allow yourself times where you have a little of something you really want along with a bunch of healthy. 🙂

Right now, my life is pretty much rarely allow myself something I truly crave due to the amount of weight I’m trying to lose, but I would love to get down to a healthy weight and live my life with healthy moderation. BUT now for what you really want to know! How much weight did I lose this past week? Another two pounds! YAY! So I am now at 55 pounds lost in almost 5 months AND just 14 left to get under that evil number 300! UGH! I just hate the sound of it!

Right now I am most excited about the fact I am 5 pounds OVER my Christmas goal and still one week left to Christmas! I wonder how much more I can lose this next week! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! I will STILL do my post on Christmas Eve, but it may be late!

{November 19, 2012}   And then it STOPPED….

This is my weekly weight loss check in and by the title you may have already guessed my news for the week…..Yep….same as last week. No loss, no gain..well, OK, that’s not really true, I lost like 1/4 of a pound. LOL…But it’s still the same Main number on the scale so yea, I hit my first week in a LONG time where there’s no poundage lost. I knew it was coming and it happens to everyone but it’s definitely a bummer right now since I am only 4 pounds away from my Christmas goal of 50. But hey, I got to remember the positive….I’m still down 46 pounds and only need 4 pounds more with a month to go! That’s nothing to be sad about at all!

So…I refuse to let this get me down! I am still happy and I feel good about the future and I just KNOW I will reach my goal BEFORE Christmas and I will be able to go even further beyond that! 🙂 So cross your fingers with me that next week, I will return here with some more pounds off…..maybe even the final 4…who knows? Anything is possible if you believe!

{November 12, 2012}   A number I can live with!

It’s that time…time for my weekly check in AND some other news as well! 🙂

Since last Monday, I am down 3 more pounds for a total of….46 pounds lost in a little less than 4 months! Woot! 🙂 That means I have 4 pounds left to reach my Christmas goal! Do you think I will make it? I do! Maybe I can make it by Thanksgiving instead…I already have my next goal in mind once I get there. This past Saturday was my parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary and my family said they saw a difference and I LOVE that people can see it, cause it really IS hard to see in yourself sometimes, mainly because I see myself ALL the time. It was great to be able to celebrate my parents being married 50 years and I STILL say my Mom deserves a trophy for dealing with my Dad that long! 🙂 My Nanny, who is my Mom’s Mom, is still alive and got to be there for her daughter’s 50th as well and I KNOW that meant a lot to her. If my Papaw was still alive, they would have been celebrating their 70th on the same day. Such an inspiration to see people who have been married that long….but I guess if I go into too much more there, this will become a separate blog post! See you next week for more good news, hopefully! 🙂 Happy Veteran’s Day from yesterday AND today, since the government observes it today! BUT also Thanks everyday as well!

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{August 6, 2012}   Not Week 3…but Great news!

Guess I was right about my concerns with Mrs. Flow….I went in for my first weight check-in today and my weight has dropped another six pounds since Friday! In total, I have lost 13 pounds since I started on July 20th! From 368 to 355! I am soooo excited and my doctor was so happy about what I have accomplished so far.
I just couldn’t keep this news to myself. I feel so great even considering the fact that my computer got soda slipped on it. Luckily, it only ruined the power supply which is a lot more affordable than a whole new computer. I should have my computer back either later today or in a couple days if our computer guy has to order the part.
I’ll give everyone another update on Friday. I appreciate all you guys rooting for me!

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