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On to the questions!

1. Do you have a doppelgänger? Maybe…I’ve had people act like they know me and then go, “Oh, I thought you were so and so, you look just like them” so somewhere around this area, there could be one but I haven’t personally ran into someone that I thought, “They look just like me!” Of course, maybe I have and just didn’t know it cause I didn’t think they DID look like me…who knows? I think everyone has someone out there who could be their twin 🙂

2. Do you keep your car cleaned up? I’ve been using my Mom’s car for months now and I try to keep it pretty clean. My car never stayed clean cause my husband drove it and kept it messy…ugh!

3. What is a current fashion that drives you crazy. Leggings wore wrong bother me but not so badly if they’re in a dark color, like black…NUDE leggings should be banned. Seriously…especially if you’re going to wear them as pants without a long shirt, tunic or dress over them. If you see a person in skin tight nude leggings and their butt isn’t covered up, it REALLY looks they are bottomless and….that’s just tacky and inappropriate. I don’t care if you’re a size 0 or a size 30, it looks like you’re completely nude on the bottom and that’s just gross!

4. How often do you go grocery shopping? About twice a week when I take my Mom to run errands, so I get a few things on Monday and a few things on Friday.

5. What has been the best surprise of your life? I know what WOULD be the best surprise, but what has already been….I don’t know…maybe when my husband surprised me with proposing to me almost 5 years ago when I knew he wanted to but couldn’t afford the ring. When he surprised me with the picnic, it was in the back of my head that he might, but then I also really doubted it cause I knew he didn’t have a ring. So when he proposed with his great grandma’s ring, I was shocked and very surprised but it was definitely a great surprise!


Day 17-Favorite Quote

I know my favorite quote but this obviously speaking of favorite quote from a book. I’ve never really thought about what my favorite quote from a book was. I’m going to say it would be, “If only there could be an invention that bottled up a memory, like scent. And it never faded, and it never got stale. And then, when one wanted it, the bottle could be uncorked, and it would be like living the moment all over again.” This is a quote from “Rebecca” by Daphne Du Maurier and I choose it because of the beauty of it. I think it WOULD be lovely if memory could be bottled as a scent. I absolutely adore this book!


As always, you may answer these questions in your own post or in the comments section!

This 5 Question Friday was brought to you by:

On to the questions!

1. What’s the one personal hygiene thing you will not do in front of your spouse? Well, the one time I did a face mask, I scared him half to death so I think he would prefer I NOT do that around him! I’m pretty comfortable around my husband so I don’t know if there’s anything I won’t do…I prefer to tweeze facial hairs(when I need to) when I’m by myself only cause if I get startled, it can hurt worse and I prefer to shave alone for the same, but I don’t care if he happens to be around me when I do

2. What’s your favorite thing about a newborn? Newborn baby smell, the sound of their giggles and their little toes and fingers…how incredibly cute and adorable they are. Can you tell I’m ready to have kids? LOL

3. When is “too young” to have a Facebook account? Unfortunately, there is a lot of inappropriate things shown on FB that even I find distasteful so the age limit they have of 13(which is NOT enforced) is too young in my opinion….If they did a FB for kids, I feel like there might be perverts lurking and pretending to be kids, though so it’s a tough thing. I think parents nowadays have to be very vigilant and aware of what their kids are doing and I almost think the parents should be the ones to decide.(Not that every parent makes the best decisions) I don’t have kids yet but I think I would consider it once they get to high school. I would have to be able to monitor their involvement to some extent, though.

4. What are your hoping for for Mother’s Day? Not a mom yet….it would be nice to get the news that I was going to be a Mom on Mother’s Day…but that’s impossible at this point…..maybe next year, eh? 🙂 I hope my Niece has her baby girl by Mother’s Day though 🙂

5. What was the best field trip you ever took in school? Definitely the 10th grade Choir Trip to DisneyWorld! We had to pay our own way, which meant saving money, but it was worth it!


Day 10-Favorite Classic Book

There’s a lot of classics that I have not read…I’m ashamed to admit it, but it’s true. I was going to say “The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien until I realized “Rebecca” by Daphne Du Maurier was a classic. I don’t know what it is about the book, “Rebecca” but it’s absolutely one of my favorite books of all time and I JUST read it last year. I actually have a few more of her books…Daphne is a she, right? lol….and I really hope they are just as good. If so, the Daphne Du Maurier will be one of my favorite authors as well!

I want to add that I didn’t pick any of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy because while I admit that J.R.R. Tolkien is an amazing writer, the LOTR trilogy is full of descriptive writing to the extreme. Some people LOVE descriptive writing where the characters and scenery are endlessly described down to the very last detail and some people are like me. I like just enough description as needed to tell the story and then my imagination takes over. In the case of describing things, I like the “less is more” theory. I love reading dialogues and I love reading into the story lines and the plots and I prefer my descriptions short, simple and to the point. That’s just my taste but I respect others as well. 🙂 The world would be a sad place if we all liked the same things!


  1. Welcome to my Spotlight Sunday! Every Sunday I put someONE or someTHING I love IN the Spotlight!

Anyone is welcome to use the idea on their own blog and spotlight whoever or whatever THEY choose, but if you do, please use my lovely graphic that my friend made somewhere in your post to show that the idea came from here! And I would love it if you left the link in my comments, so I could go check out what YOU spotlighted!

Books are very much on my mind at the moment as I impatiently await tomorrow and the start of our library’s annual book sale. When I considered things to spotlight, nothing else came to me except for thoughts of books….so I decided to just do a short and simple spotlight today listing some of my favorite books. This is NOT a full list because my brain can’t remember ALL my favorite ones. This is just a short list of 10 of my favorites..which means the favs. that come off the top of my head right now! 🙂

10 Favorite Books!

  1. “Rebecca” by Daphne Du Maurier
  2. “Obsidian Butterfly(Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter,#9) by Laurell K. Hamilton
  3. “Flowers in the Attic” by V.C. Andrews (NOT ashamed to be a fan of V.C. Andrews!
  4. “Forbidden Mind Trilogy” by Kimberly Kinrade
  5. “Under the Dome” by Stephen King
  6. “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a world that can’t stop talking” by Susan Cain
  7. “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern
  8. “Hiding in Sunshine” by John and Caitlin Stuart
  9. “The Stranger Beside me:Ted Bundy” by Ann Rule
  10. “Where the Sidewalk ends” by Shel Silverstein rebecca

So…there you have it! 10 of my Favorite books of all! I linked them all to Goodreads so if any of them sound interesting to you, you can go read some more and add them to your reading lists, if you so choose! 🙂

To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

What are you currently reading? “Tales for a Stormy Night” by Dorothy Salisbury Davis

What did you recently finish reading? “Little Earthquakes” by Jennifer Weiner (another great Chick Lit. book by one of my favorite authors)

What do you think you’ll read next? “Blessings” by Anna Quindlen..This will be the 3rd book of hers I have read and the description sounds intriguing. Here is what Goodreads had to say about this book: Late one night, a teenage couple drives up to the big white clapboard home on the Blessing estate and leaves a box. In that instant, the lives of those who live and work there are changed forever. Skip Cuddy, the caretaker, finds a baby girl asleep in that box and decides he wants to keep the child . . . while Lydia Blessing, the matriarch of the estate, for her own reasons, agrees to help him. Blessings explores how the secrets of the past affect decisions and lives in the present; what makes a person or a life legitimate or illegitimate and who decides; and the unique resources people find in themselves and in a community. This is a powerful novel of love, redemption, and personal change by the Pulitzer Prize–winning writer about whom The Washington Post Book World said, “Quindlen knows that all the things we ever will be can be found in some forgotten fragment of family.”

What’s the BEST book YOU have read so far in 2011? For me, I would have to hands down say “Rebecca” by Daphne du Maurier. I haven’t thoroughly been intrigued and drawn into a story the way this novel did, in such a long time. It was full of mystery and beautifully written. It will definitely go down as one of my favorite books of all time. But there were definitely other books that stood out for different reasons this year. “Room” by Emma Donoghue, “The Girls” by Lori Lansens, “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time” by Mark Haddon,”Escape” by Carolyn Jessop and “Please stop laughing at me” by Jodee Blanco were ALL great reads that I would recommend to anyone.

So…..I want to know YOUR best book that you have read this year. If you have more than one, I welcome you to post all your favorites. I would love to know what everyone else has been reading this year. Have a great rest of the week! 🙂

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