It’s not you, but it’s also not really me

Triggers can go deeper than you realize

Turning my worthless into Good Enough

I recently did a post about triggers and how I realized the cause of one of mine during a counseling session. This past Friday, I was able to bring up another recent trigger I experienced, and my counselor did a therapy with me that was sort of like EMDR but involved holding these paddles (?)… Continue reading Turning my worthless into Good Enough

Let’s talk triggers

Trigger warning: Just in case it wasn't already obvious, this post is all about triggers, so if you have some triggers that really bother you, you MAY want to avoid this post. Huge crowds. The smell of certain foods. A certain word uttered by a stranger in a certain tone. The sight of an object… Continue reading Let’s talk triggers

Healing from the Inside Out

For those who are not frequent readers of this blog, I have been taking medicine for Depression for over 10 years. I had never been clinically diagnosed or seen a professional about it, but since my general physician said I was depressed, I took his word for it. This past year, I have noticed a… Continue reading Healing from the Inside Out