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First of all, the 19th was mine and my husband’s anniversary. It was a good one and I am excited for many more! We had a gift card to Olive Garden but we didn’t end up eating there. Right as we got there and walked in, the power went out! I was actually surprised to see my reaction was laughter about the situation. All the restaurants and stores in that area had a power outage too, so we just decided on a whim to head for another town close by and try an Italian restaurant we had been dying to try for the first time. Right as we got into the restaurant, we found out the power in Olive Garden had JUST come back on. It seemed like fate to me. The other restaurant, called Antipasta’s was awesome, had delicious food and ended up being cheaper than Olive Garden would have been (without a gift card) so it was well worth the drive.

Yesterday was the first day of my new healthier life. It was hard but I feel like I have got this new found motivation I didn’t even think I had in me. Between meals, me and my husband went to play Mini Golf (which I hadn’t played in years). It was so much fun, but I am thankful there were benches nearby and we brought big bottles of water with us! After bending down so much to get the ball, my back was yelling at me and I was feeling really out of shape. I think more than fatigue, I just had to rest frequently due to feeling faint and my hands shaking, which I KNOW had to be due to blood sugar. I am NOT diabetic at the moment, I just had blood work done last week, but it runs in my family and my dad is hypoglycemic so I think I might have to figure out exactly HOW to best eat to keep my blood sugar from getting too low, you know? Before, unless I went hours without eating, it was never much of an issue because I was eating a lot of carbs that were probably fueling me with bad glucose? Now I am eating more fruits and veggies versus bread and pasta, but maybe I am not getting enough. This is kind of new to me, so I think I am just going to have to again, take it day by day and figure it out.

Yesterday as I was eating fat free yogurt for breakfast and not exactly digging it, I started to say something positive I wanted before each bite. For example, “I want to be healthier”, “I want to feel better”, etc. and before you know it, I was finished and found a LOT of inspiration for losing weight. I have decided to make short term goals and long term goals to aspire to. My first short term goal is to lose 50 pounds by Christmas but my real incentive there is to fit into my dress I wore for engagement pictures by Christmas. I was about 50 pounds lighter then and I would really love to fit that dress again! So now I have a pound goal but also a visual goal to aspire to and I really feel like it is certainly possible!

My first long term goal doesn’t have a “pounds” attached to it, but it’s something I want to accomplish by May. A couple years ago, when my niece Sara graduated, I was unable to sit further down in the stadium with the rest of my family because my butt was too big for the chairs. Therefore, me and my husband sat at the top in folding chairs. It really made me sad, though I just laughed it off about “my big butt”. This May, my niece Grace will be graduating high school at the same place and I want so badly to sit with my family this time. I’m tired of having to find somewhere to sit and sitting off by myself, feeling like a loner. I feel like I can also conceivably make this goal and I can already see the excitement on my face when I get there!

On another note, I am suspending my “12 in ’12” challenge because I feel like I already have one big challenge I am committing to, that is frankly, a lifetime challenge. Having a thyroid disorder means even after losing all the weight, I will STILL have to stick to a healthy lifestyle to avoid going back. I have lost a good bit before and I gave up when I got stuck….and now I am right back where I was and then some. I don’t want to go down the same path again. I have added two weight loss tickers on the side of my blog, one with my short term goal and one to just show my progress throughout my whole journey. I will keep updating you at least once a week and I already appreciate all the tips, advice, support and kind words that have come my way!

So this is a few days late due to me being struck down Thursday night with some stomach bug from “the land below”……(H-E-double hockey sticks, in other words!)……..I am FINALLY feeling better so I am NOW doing my Friday post…Sorry about the lateness!

I also realize I am again a few days late on posting my new goal for May in my 12 in ’12 journey. After much consideration, I am naming May my No Goal Month, other than to work on the goals I already have started with. I just want to be a better me and not add anything to my plate this month.

BUT…without further ado, now to my questions and answers!


As always, you may answer these questions in your own post or in the comments section!

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On to the questions!

1. What did you wear to prom? Include a picture if possible.  I never had a prom since I left regular high school (due to bullying) and ended up graduating at a type of school where you clock in, do work at your own pace and clock out…..While I still got a regular high school diploma, there was no prom and there are days where I am sad about that, but overall I am just happy I was able to push past the bullying and finish high school on time regardless

2. Would you rather be on the biggest loser or a food eating challenge? 
I would definitely pick Biggest Loser…I don’t need to GAIN weight…

3. Done fave sonic drink? Refreshing summer drink? I have NO clue what “Done” in front of fave means…but my fave sonic drink? Hmmm….Probably Limeade cause that’s what I order the most when I go there

4. What was your first car, and what did you call it?
My “first” car is the same car I still have and I have no real name for it, although I AM guilty of calling it “ghetto”, just because it’s falling apart….LOL

5. What’s one thing your child or spouse does that sends you over the edge?  No child, so I will answer this for the spouse….Uh…I have to pick just ONE thing? LOL…Probably when there’s a trash bag sitting right NEXT to him but he still can’t just drop it in the trash, it always ends up ON the floor next to the trash bag…and actually this goes for clothes beside the laundry basket too….Do ALL men do this???! What is so hard about moving their hand one more inch? Seriously?! In fact, sometimes it looks like he made more effort to miss the bag rather then make it! UGH! I wish I could invent a zapper to zap him every time he misses the bag! (P.s. I love you, honey! ) 😉

I say writing board, because I can NOT draw to save myself. Seriously, give a newborn a crayon and a piece of paper and whatever they manage to scribble out would beat what I can draw!

But anyways, I am BACK! I know I have been away from my blog for way too long and I do miss it. I am still working on my 12 in ’12 journey and as you will soon read, my 3rd month goal should help me get back into the swing of things around here. But first, an update on months 1 and 2!

Month 1’s goal was to drink more water. I can say that I have been doing VERY well with this. At the most I will drink about 2 sodas a day, but mainly I have been sticking to just one and the rest of the day I just drink water. I want to stick with this because I think it’s a lot better for me and hey, it would be nice if filling myself with water could benefit my hunger pangs, ya know? I had a virus a couple weeks ago and it just lingered on forever and ever, not sure if it was the sickness or just my drinking more water, but at my doctor’s visit for the virus, I had dropped 4 pounds out of nowhere. Not sure if that number has gone down anymore or stayed, but I was happy to see it. Now if only it can KEEP going down!

Month 2’s goal was working on my depression and I HAVE been, but honestly, the path has been really rough, because LIFE and sickness got in the way and made it harder to focus on things I needed to. I have been working on trying to be more positive, but I think Month 3’s goal will help more.

For this month, I want to get back into blogging regularly, like I did all last year. Yea, OK, maybe that’s not very original, but I have noticed that getting away from blogging has taken away one of the biggest ways I cope with depression AND how I keep in contact with the people I care about. I miss using my blog as an outlet and reading other blogs. I think I have been kind of overwhelmed with getting back into reading them, because I am just SOOOO behind and I feel like it will take me a year to catch up. I think my best avenue will be to just start with the most recent posts of people I was following and get back into the routine and not worry so much about everything I missed. I would really love to read ALL I missed, but I think people will understand if that might not be an easy task to do.

So here I am, back in the blogging world. Next week I will restart my www wednesday letting everyone know what all I have read since the last one. I will return to doing Five Question Fridays and then blogging whatever comes out in between those times. I still plan to do posts like Mirthful Monday was but they may just be on whatever days I feel like posting them instead of just on Monday’s. Sorry I have been gone for so long and I hope my readers are still out there and I’m not just posting to the crickets!

Have a great weekend,

TheRealSharon 😉

Month one’s goal was slow in getting started, but I am now happy to report that I have been drinking a LOT more water in the past week. I intend to keep it up and even increase it throughout the rest of this year.
I’ve been struggling to pick month two’s goal, but have finally decided on what it will be. This month I want to make a strong effort on working on my depression and coping skills. I think I have been putting this on the back burner and letting other things become much more important than my mental health and I want to make THIS my focus for the month instead of just something I worry about later. For me, this means actually scheduling some counseling, reading up on coping techniques and actively making it a point to relearn how I handle conflict and stress.
I don’t expect many others to probably share this specific goal with me, but I think learning to handle my depression in a mature and more effective way is what I have to do before I can work on other goals I have. It’s surprising what you are capable of doing if you can rise above your depression and not let it control you.
Here’s hoping I have good luck especially with this goal!

If you missed yesterday’s post about my new challenge, you might want to go read about it before continuing here.

Today started Month One and my first monthly goal is to “Drink More Water”. So far, I have grabbed one water bottle today and drank about half of it and I plan to finish it before bedtime. Ideally, I would love to get into the habit of drinking at least 2-3 glasses per day so that I will be drinking less caffeine. I definitely have a Mountain Dew habit right now and I don’t see myself dropping it completely but I would love to cut WAY back eventually. This month, I plan to incorporate water more into my life and really get used to drinking more of it. I do NOT have a set amount I am forcing myself to drink, I just want to start off by drinking more. This is my way of not getting down on myself. So, as long as I am drinking water even a few times a week, I will be meeting my monthly challenge. BUT if I drink even more,  then it’s like going above and beyond my challenge and it feels like I am excelling even more. 🙂

I have decided to wait on posting about each monthly challenge until the first of each month so I have plenty of time to really pick each one and think about it. I have also decided every month I add a challenge, I want to not only keep my last challenge OR challenges, but try to work them in even more. For instance, say I drink a bottle of water 2-3 times a week the first month. The second month, I will be, of course, keeping my challenge of drinking more water but will try to increase the 2-3 bottles a week of water into say, one every other day. Then the next month, maybe one every day and so on…..

I am hoping this will not only make each challenge a habit for me but allow me to get more used to each one as time passes by. 🙂 Anyone else participating may do theirs however they see fit! My end or BIG goal is just to better myself and make good, healthy changes in my life that will stick. I am really excited about this challenge and feel extremely motivated to make it work. I plan to keep everyone updated along the way with my progress and I would love for others participating in any way to share theirs as well! Who knows? Maybe YOUR good progress will inspire me! 🙂

NOW…for the second part of this post. January 11th is my last day of PostaDay 2011 since I started on that day last year. By that date, I will decide whether I will continue posting daily or less often. Ultimately, the decision will be my choice, of course, but I would really love to hear opinions from those who read my blog. Family, close friends and fellow bloggers: Please let me know if you have enjoyed my daily posts and if you would like to see me continue posting daily. Would you miss my posts if I did them less often?

{December 31, 2011}   12 in ’12

I’ve said before that I don’t like resolutions. Part of the reason is because when I hear people make them, I almost expect them to fail. Not because I want them to fail, but because resolutions are notoriously known for failing.
Last year, I challenged myself to the Post a day challenge and to some, that could have been considered a resolution, but part of why it worked so well for me was because I refused to ever consider it as a resolution. I like the sound of a challenge, especially when it’s one that I know will challenge me but at the same time, I know I will enjoy the process. In about 11 days, I will have completed that challenge and the jury is still out on whether I will continue posting daily or not. I will say there is a pretty good chance of it. Some people very close to me have expressed sadness at me not continuing and they could have a strong factor on my decision.
I HAVE come up with my own personal 2012 challenge, though. One that I think is very conceivable because it’s all about small steps toward a bigger goal. I am calling it the “12 in ’12 Challenge” and it begins tomorrow with the first part. I welcome others to take part however they would like as well. This is how it works: There are 12 months and at the beginning of each month, I will introduce a small challenge to myself about a greater change I want to make. For example, in January, my goal is to drink more water. Right now, I hardly drink any water, so if I can even incorporate a bottle of water every other day for now, I will be following my challenge. By the time February gets here, I will introduce a new goal for that month, but keep January’s going as well, thereby doing 2 things in the 2nd month.  Each month, I will add another small challenge, so by the time December, the 12th month hits, I will have 11 challenges hopefully made into lasting changes in my life and be working on a 12th one!
I think picking smaller goals will work best for me, because smaller is easier to handle than a big goal. I only have January’s picked out so far, but I hope to eventually have all my goals figured out ahead of time. I think I will reserve the right to change the goals up, as long as it’s before the month has started, if I think of a better one I would like to instate. Like I said, if anyone would like to follow along with my idea, feel free to. You can use bigger goals for yourself, more than one goal a month, whatever works best for you.
I also think the secret to any challenge is not to be too hard on yourself. We all will mess up at times, but it’s no big deal. Just forget it, wake up the next day and give it your best shot!
So…who likes my plan?
It’s almost time for “12 in ’12”!

*Happy New Year everyone, Have fun and be safe!*

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