I am 100% against bullying and a major part of that reason is because I was bullied. I suffered through name calling in school that I’m sure parents refuse to believe their own kids could do. At my biggest in high school, I was probably around 180-190 and a little over 5 feet tall. I had short naturally curly hair that ended up looking like an afro at a time when “Pat” from Saturday Night Live was a famous skit. That skit brings me no laughs because the name Pat was used as a hateful name against me. I also wore glasses that my mom helped me pick out. Pink cat eye glasses that made me look like I was from another era. Being a bigger girl, I didn’t have a huge choice in clothes. I tried to pick out cute, cool clothing that people would like and cool shoes but no one noticed that. All they noticed was a big girl with an afro and glasses. I was made fun of constantly, more by the boys then the girls. I had more than one guy flirt with me as a joke and even one guy ask me out pretending to like me only to have the WHOLE school laugh at me the next morning as I arrived. I had my life threatened and when I ignored it, I had a guy put his face in my face directly and call me vulgar, hateful names, yell at me, humiliate me and threaten to kill me. ALL in vicinity of teachers. They did nothing, he never got punished. I told the principal and they were shocked that this boy could do anything. His parents were on the school board. He was never punished and when he found out I told on him, he was worse than before. I did everything I was supposed to. I ignored….no luck. I stood up for myself and told him he wasn’t going to continue….he just got worse and more people hurt me with words. I knocked him on the head with a heavy book….he still persisted.

And it would have never stopped. So my dream of graduating from a REAL high school was taken away from me. My dream of even thinking of attending a prom…gone! When my friends go to their high school reunions, I will have none to go to other than my husband’s.

I eventually graduated from an alternative type school that was mainly for dropouts, kids who misbehave and pregnant girls. It was a zero tolerance school so no one bothered me and I kept to myself, finishing high school a few months earlier than I would have. I did 2 and 1/2 years of high school work in 6 months.

I should have never been through what I went through. It was so unfair and it should never have happened. But the reality is that it happens everyday. Kids shouldn’t have to deal with bullying at the place where they are trying to learn, to grow, to get an education.

Take a stand against bullying!

To see my first post on being a high school outsider, go here: https://therealsharon.wordpress.com/2010/02/13/a-high-school-outsider/

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