Fertility affects “1 in 8 couples” according to The Fast Facts about infertility on Resolve.org which is the National Infertility Association.  Right now, many women AND men are struggling with infertility issues.  Many of these people keep quiet about it due to embarrassment because they feel there is something wrong with them since they are unable to conceive a child on their own.  Others remain quiet because they feel like people don’t want to know or they will feel like it’s oversharing.  I, myself, remained quiet for a long time due to feeling like infertility was a very personal issue that you just weren’t supposed to openly talk about.  Bringing up infertility obviously means bringing up sex and your reproductive system, and people will think it’s TMI.

Because I felt this way for so long, I didn’t have many people to confide in and I definitely didn’t have people going through the same issues to talk and compare stories with.  Dealing with infertility by yourself is a very lonely road, and it doesn’t HAVE to be.  There are resources for you.  There are others that know what you are going through.  There are others who have fought the battle and had success while there are others who didn’t have success but have learned to overcome.  When I started seeing a fertility specialist a few months ago and liking infertility pages, I saw there were thousands of other people going through the same thing I was, and it empowered me.  It gave me strength to know that I wasn’t alone.  It gave me courage to read their words and know that yes, it was okay to talk about what you’re going through, and it helps to do so.  I also saw there were women that were like I used to be.  Women that have not openly talked about their infertility outside of the groups and pages because they were embarrassed or felt like people weren’t interested, etc.  The ones who were open inspired me to be more open about my infertility.  I wanted to be what those women being open were for me.  I want to inspire others to talk about THEIR stories.  I want others to not be afraid what other people think.  Infertility shouldn’t have to be fought alone.

Living in a smaller city now, there are not really many resources for people who are going through infertility.  Even to see my doctor, I have to drive about 2 hours away.  If you read my other posts, you already know I am trying to do fundraising to help pay for my upcoming infertility treatments, but when I came across Teespring, I also had another goal in mind.  I had personally never heard of any Walks for Infertility Awareness although there are some in bigger cities and other states.  I just recently found out what the Infertility Awareness Ribbon looked like….It’s blue and pink for anyone who is curious!  I find it very eye-opening that in the city where I live and possibly in many other areas, infertility is not a very BIG topic.  Why isn’t it?  Why is it not talked about more?  Why have I never seen a shirt that shows support for those of us who are struggling with infertility?

I, personally, would love a shirt that makes people start talking, gets people open and not hiding in silence, and tells others that “Hey, I support you!”  I know I would LOVE to see someone wearing a shirt that shows that they support my fight!

So, I started a Fertility Fundraiser Campaign on Tee Spring.  The front of the shirt says “Some Miracles need a little help.”  A child is a miracle, whether they are naturally given, created through IUI, IVF, a surrogate, etc., or adopted.  I do not believe for one second that the only people meant to have babies are the ones just naturally blessed by God.  I believe some miracles have to be fought for a little harder because maybe that fighting has a purpose.  Maybe some miracles need a little more prayer and struggle to be created.  One thing I most certainly know is that my “miracle” will be very loved and VERY wanted because he or she will have been dreamed of, prayed for, and fought for until the day they arrive.  The back of the shirt says “Support those with infertility.”  It is my hope that people will want to get this shirt to help me promote awareness and to help others like me know that there are people who care and are supporting us.  I also hope others like me will wear it with hope in their hearts and not be afraid to talk about their own journeys.  Yes, I get some money out of it for fundraising, but I made this shirt for so much more than just myself.

So, PLEASE share my campaign with everyone you know.  Help me promote Infertility Awareness.  Help me show support to others with infertility.  Help me towards my dream of starting a family.

Thank you for reading this!


My Infertility Journey

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