I haven’t found a permanent thing to do on Fridays now that 5 Question Friday is no more…so for today, I am just doing a Meme I found online.

1. If you could build a house anywhere, where would it be? In Austin…my hometown.

2.What is your favorite article of clothing? Flip flops

3. Last C.D. you bought? Nightwish- “Imaginarium”

4. Where is your favorite place to be? In a comfortable spot reading 🙂

5. Least favorite place to be? Outside in 100+ degree weather!

6. Are you strongest in mind or body? Mind….my body is weak….not that my Mind is incredibly strong, but I think we are usually stronger than we know

7. What time do you wake up? During the week, I try to be up by 11:30, but I wake up earlier naturally sometimes….on the weekends, I sleep until whenever my body decides to wake up

8. Favorite kitchen appliance? Microwave

9. What instrument would you like to play? Drums

10. Favorite color? Purple

11. Sports car or SUV? Sports Car….maybe…I know SUV’s are gas guzzlers, are sports cars also gas guzzlers?

12. Favorite children’s book? IDK

13. Favorite season? Fall

14. Least favorite chore? Washing dishes

15. Favorite day? Any day that I can just do what I want 🙂

16. Favorite food? Pasta…even though I rarely eat it anymore

17. Favorite drink? Baja Blast….which I have drank maybe 2-3 only within the past year

18. Favorite word? I’m a reader/wannabe writer….I LOVE words, how could I possibly pick just one???

19. Favorite inspirational book? I can’t think of any off the top of my head….

20. Who would you like to play you in the movie of you life? Maybe Kate Winslet, cause she is OR was a more plus size woman and she is gorgeous….or if we are going for a funnier version, Melissa McCarthy 🙂 

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