I know I do these one minute posts a lot lately, but now that I am actually “working”, and working ON a computer for hours…it’s hard to make time and motivation for posting intellectual posts. 😦OneMinuteWriterButton21. Read the daily writing prompt.
2. Push “Play” on the timer on the right side of the screen.
3. Spend 60 seconds or less writing a response to the daily prompt.

Today’s Writing Prompt: Second Sight

Posted: 15 Aug 2013 03:00 AM PDT

Have you ever consulted a psychic, medium, fortune teller, astrologer, or so on? Did they make any predictions for you? Were they accurate?
I have never consulted any one of these before.  I think it’s a waste of money, almost in the way that gambling a lot seems to be a waste.  I think there MIGHT be some people out there that have some powers of prediction, but I honestly think they are few and far between.  I think most of it is over rated.  Having said that, I love getting fortune cookies and I love reading my horoscope, but I take both things with a grain of salt.  I like them more for the entertainment than for the fact that they might actually be true.  If they turn out to be true, then cool, but I do not base my life around them. 🙂
I HAVE seen fortunes and/or horoscopes be accurate, but a lot of times most of the accuracy is due to the fact that the writers write them as to pretty much fit every person in almost any situation.  There have been a few that have been frightfully accurate, but that is rare.


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