It’s not that I have nothing to say…it’s that I simply don’t have the time to say it all. Here I am, trying to slowly do a post on my Kindle, which is considerably slower than on a laptop or a computer. My second stylus since I bought my newest Kindle is tearing apart….I never had this problem with my old stylus.  What am I doing differently?
America’s got talent is playing in the background….actually it’s paused at the moment. There’s a dance act and I haven’t exactly acquired extra eyes to blog and watch dance at the same time.
I still have 10 hours of training to do before Friday since I have taken it off to spend time with my Mom for her birthday, as well as run errands and pay bills, but mostly cause I want to take my Mom out to eat and not feel rushed to get home by 1:30 for training like I always seem to do lately. I did 6 hours straight today…from 12 to 6 and honestly the last thing I wanted to do was blog, but I’m not a quitter. I don’t so much care about others opinions on the matter so much as I have to prove it to myself.
I barely slept last night. Our dog did one loud bark and I struggled to get back to sleep. As I was soon to enter slumber again, one more loud bark sealed my fate. After tossing(oh auto correct, the fact you switched tossing to reading means you know me so well!) and turning, I grabbed my Kindle and read the book on my Kindle that I was halfway through. I am now 11 pages from the end.  Two hours into reading, I stopped to go to sleep again and I did eventually… only to awaken a couple hours later to drive my husband for his weekly meeting with his boss. ~ sighs~ now I wonder how I will sleep tonight…My only comfort is I can sleep in! Thank God!
Monday evening, I went to the library after two specific books. I purposefully didn’t bring a book bag so I wouldn’t end up checking out the whole library, but it didn’t matter…6 books later, I pried myself away to check out…I told myself I had good willpower, but I honestly couldn’t carry anymore! Lol…4 of the books are 7 day loans….I’m not even a quarter into the first one, but I like a challenge. 😉
So this is what a portion of my life is at the moment….welcome inside my mind.
Oh, before I bid my bored readers adieu, I also joined a Facebook book club today that a friend started…because I always need more books added to my never ending “to read” list, right? One day, when I die, I think I will wish to be buried with all the books left I didn’t get to read….this might be an enormous undertaking, but I do wish I could just go on reading for all eternity. 🙂

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