OneMinuteWriterButton21. Read the daily writing prompt.
2. Push “Play” on the timer on the right side of the screen.
3. Spend 60 seconds or less writing a response to the daily prompt.

Today’s Writing Prompt: First Things First

What is the first thing you do when you wake up every morning?  The first thing I do upon waking is slip on my flip flops and go to the bathroom.  I think that’s probably a very common answer for people when waking up…am I wrong?  The only thing that differs is maybe that I always slip on my flip flops before walking….I am flat footed and it hurts to walk barefoot.  I see people kicking off the shoes and walking barefoot like it’s the most comfortable thing in the world, but to me, it’s painful and I would much rather be wearing comfy flip flops! 🙂


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