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On to the questions!

Happy Anniversary to my husband! 🙂

1. What is your best secret cleaning tip?  How about YOU give me yours? Cause I hate cleaning house…I can do an adequate job when I want to, but I seriously dislike it…If anyone LOVES cleaning, you are welcome to come clean my house all you want! 🙂

2. What is your favorite food to snack on during movie night? If I am at the Theatre and am going to eat anything, then popcorn, but I try to be good and just drink water or a Diet Coke…at home, if I was going to be naughty, pizza lol….but that’s rare anymore, so I just eat my regularly scheduled meal if it happens to coincide with the movie or just drink water and watch…boring, but truth 🙂

3. If it was up to you, what would you have named the royal baby? NOT George…I love the middle name Alexander though…I would have picked THAT as the first name instead …Alexander instead of the first name George

4. If you could be any Disney character who would you choose? I’ve always been a huge fan of Aurora from Sleeping Beauty because of her name and her singing voice.  The song “Once upon a Dream” from that movie is SO beautiful! I don’t know that I would like to sleep for 50 years and wake up to my old family and friends being dead or close to it, though 😦  There’s positives and negatives to each character….and I am not sure why I am thinking just princesses LOL….I will just pick the one I think is more like me and my life…Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”…she has her head in a book constantly, which I love and it is so me.  She has had some bad in her past, but made it through….she falls in love with a Beast and tames him, then she falls in love.  I fell in love with a Bipolar man that can act like a beast at times (LOL), but I have tried to tame him…and I did enough where we got married, so hey…why not? 🙂 I am Belle!

5. What’s the most important part of a healthy relationship?  Honesty!  Seems so cliche, but so true!  NO relationship can last without honesty.  You have to be honest with each other or there’s no trust.  You also have to be honest with yourself about the realities of marriage.  So many young girls get married nowadays with this fantasy of what marriage is and when that fantasy shatters(which I’m sorry, but it will…anyone you says otherwise is dishonest!), then they assume the marriage failed because they picked the wrong one, they divorce, and inevitably try to reclaim the fantasy…..Not to say every divorce is caused this way, but too many are.  NO relationship is going to be a fairy tale.  No relationship is going to be perfect.  Relationships are a roller coaster and you have to put in work to make them WORK…They are NOT easy, but if you put in the effort, you will hopefully be rewarded. 🙂

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