I know it’s not a Monday…and it’s also my Date Day to celebrate my 4th Wedding Anniversary with my husband(that was yesterday), but today marks 1 year since I started on my weight loss journey.  Because of this, I decided I would pop in and do my daily post today celebrating how far I have come.

I’m not good at making the pictures with Before and After, but I would really like to learn so I can post some eventually!

When I weighed yesterday, I had actually lost 2 pounds after being stuck for a long time, so my year total for weight lost is 87 pounds! Not too shabby, huh? 🙂

My total inches lost for this year was 37.5 inches! (Not counting the inches lost in my neck, which I only measured for a few months!)

The inches come out with 4 1/2 lost in my Arms, 7 lost in my Bust 😦 LOL, 8 lost in my waist, 9 1/2 in my Hips(yay!) and 8 1/2 in my thighs! 🙂

Overall, I have had a great first year on my weight loss journey and it’s only going to continue from here! Now back to enjoy my date day with my hubby! 😀

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