One Minute Inheritance

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Today’s Writing Prompt: InheritencePosted: 14 Jul 2013 03:00 AM PDT

Describe in detail one item that you would love to inherit from a relative, or that you have inherited.

I can’t remember any specific item that I have inherited yet, and I honestly can’t think of something I would LOVE to inherit.  When I think of inheriting things, I think of what has to happen for that to occur and that is death.  I don’t want anyone I love to die, even though it’s inevitable one of these days.  No matter what I DO inherit when relatives die, nothing will replace them in my life.  I would rather have my loved ones than any money or object they might leave behind.


2 thoughts on “One Minute Inheritance”

  1. My Mum recently gave me some antique textiles that belonged to my Great Grandmother from Victorian times – obviously she is long dead, but way before I was even born, so that is a cool inheritance which did not involve the usual cost 🙂 I love the items, a bustle skirt and underskirt and some lovely crochet lace which I want to hang on the wall somewhere. She gave them to me because I have recently become very interested in collecting a few such bits from ebay or antique shops so it is really cool to have some which are actually from my own family.


    1. That is a really cool inheritance! My grandma, who is still living, gave me a bunch of her old vintage beads that are from the 30’s and 40’s. I don’t mind inheriting things from ancestors or from my living relatives, but I just don’t get excited about what I MAY inherit when they die, though.


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