Yep, you read that right.  Me and my husband have added a 4 or 5 year old Australian Shepherd to our family.  She was found by a friend of a friend by Lake Sam Rayburn, and then fostered for a while by my friend while they find her a permanent home.  There was never a thought on my end of taking her in. Our apartment charges a $300 apt. fee that we truly could not afford, and to be honest, I just have never been interested in the thought of an inside dog unless maybe it was one of those itty bitty ones. Growing up, we had dogs, but they were always outside dogs, and I was kind of timid around them and they made me nervous.  As a teenager, I was once chased by a dog and it scared the crap out of me…figuratively, NOT literally, thank God.  I look at animals, I’ll pet them, I think they’re cute, but I’ve just never considered myself a big animal person.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t like them OR that I would be mean to them.  It’s just not something I am fully used to.  Having said that, I lived with indoor animals for 3 months when I stayed with family and worked in Indiana. I even slept with a dog in the bed, but it was a little one.  It did make me uncomfortable, but I didn’t have much of a choice.

Well, my husband went to our mutual friend’s house for a BBQ that I wasn’t at, met Sammy(the Australian Shepherd), came home and said he bonded with her.  I, of course, felt for him, but I told him, sorry, we can’t afford it, and I thought that was the end of the conversation….Well, it wasn’t.  Our friend and some others conspired together to raise the money for the apartment fee, offered dog food for when we first took her in, and even offered help with the vet visits.  My thoughts? What am I going to do? This is SO not what I want, but it seems it has been taken out of my hands.  Every worry and concern was addressed….My husband let me know she was VERY potty trained.  She will NOT go to the bathroom until you take her no matter how long she has to wait.  😦 Poor thing!  She LOVES people, in fact she is very protective of people.  The day after Chad(my husband) met her, she slept in the spot where he had been and looked for him for days.  She loves children as well and will let them pull her ears, lay on her, etc. without doing a thing.  Wonderful news for someone like me who wants to start a family yesterday.  So I agreed knowing it would take some getting used to on my part.

Yesterday, she came home with us.  I will be honest and admit that I felt awkward. I actually told my husband I felt like she didn’t like me.  When I looked at her, I saw sad eyes and it broke my heart.  I thought maybe she wasn’t so happy about me being apart of her life.  I told my husband straight off the bat, no sleeping in the bed.  She is not a huge dog, but she does weigh about 55 pounds.  I know from sleeping with a dog before that my sleep gets disrupted.  I will wake up constantly and be afraid to move because I don’t want to hurt the dog.  People that sleep with dogs probably are used to this and know how to get over it. Me? I don’t have the experience. So…I said No…but he made the mistake of tapping the bed and letting her jump on it. Then after 5 seconds, he made her get down, but I knew instinctively he had committed a major No-no.  As we were watching TV, her head kept popping up and staring at us.  On the last pop-up she looked right at me…and something gave her the impression I wanted to jump on the bed, I suppose, cause she did and walked right up to me, laid down and stuck her head right in front of my face…then she did the eyes.  I immediately asked her what she thought she was doing and told her she was very sneaky and evil…but evil in the way you tell someone who is giving you puppy eyes to get what they want.  So my husband starts to tell her to get down, but he is completely not saying it firm enough at ALL and she makes the eyes at me….and I feel bad.  So I tell him to leave her alone…and guess who ended up sleeping with us last night?  Yea, apparently Sammy can read “Sucker” written across my forehead.  I made not be the best animal person, but I believe I have a very maternal part of me, and she figured out JUST how to appeal to it. Darn it….now I am calling her “Baby girl” and telling my husband to lower his voice when he talks so he doesn’t scare her. Wow….I might not have a human baby yet, but it looks like I am being taken in by adult dog baby! LOL

I swear I don’t know what happened…..and I actually would appreciate tips on how to get decent sleep while sleeping in the same bed as her….any one want to give me any? 🙂 Thanks!

sammy*Picture is of Sammy wearing my husband’s hat* 🙂


  1. I’ve not slept with a dog, but cats can’t be so different, in fact with cats being smaller and potentially more fragile than your cute dog I relate to your concern about hurting them. Three years ago after my old, non-bed-sleeping cat died 😦 we adopted a new kitty, Pebble. She spent the first day hiding under the bed, but that night she crept onto the end of my bed to sleep and has slept with me every night since. I was touched and honoured and didn’t sleep so well at first because I was a bit worried about accidentally kicking her off if I flailed around, or rolling over on her, but I did get used to it and now I really miss her if she is asleep elsewhere, though she always comes over at some point.

    It has simply never been a problem, I realise that she is quite tough and smart and would move out of the way just fine if I moved suddenly, they have sharp instincts and reflexes. To me, the only problem is when she decides the best place for her is right in the middle of where my body should be, often on top of me, but if I move then she stays where I was and then I am squished up against the wall in one foot wide space 😀 So when I want to roll over I can’t and it wakes me up a little bit. If my natural instincts were to just push her away I doubt I’d wake up at all, but sadly for me, my instincts are to defer to the cat! So I try to squish myself round half asleep, can’t get comfortable and then wake up enough to realise I have to make her move.

    So basically my advice is don’t fret about it, you will get used to it – after all, you got used to sleeping with a husband! And they tend to snore and take up a lot of space right? 😉


    1. I am SO behind on responding to my comments on here! So sorry!
      I made an agreement with my husband that she had to sleep at the foot of the bed on his side so it doesn’t bother me as much, BUT lately, she has squirmed more to the middle. The funny thing is I seem to have gotten used to it cause I don’t even realize most of the time until I wake up for the day or to go to the bathroom….The other day I literally woke up to her face in my face. Made me laugh! 🙂


  2. Well as you know I let my dog sleep with me. She loved sharing a twin bed but now that I have a full she doesn’t like it so much…maybe cause I move around in my sleep more. Anyway you’ll learn to embrace it and if she ever wants to sleep on the floor you’ll be sad. The joy of being a pet owner.


  3. hahahahaha!!! This cracks me up, since I was the one who engineered the chain of events that led Sammy to you guys. I LOVE that you are calling her baby girl. She is such a good dog, just absolutely loves everyone. On sleeping with dogs, I can’t imagine being afraid to move. Sammy doesn’t care if you move her, shejust wants to be with you. I sleep with both of our dogs and usually a couple of cats, and somehow i just manage. If I move, they all just readjust. They don’t even wake up. I can’t imagine a morning without Booger making a bed on me to wake me up, or Libby just standing there staring at me, nose to nose an inch away, telling me she needs to go outside. It gave me a huge smile when Chad told me she was sleeping with you guys. That dog…. all she knows is how to love. Dogs have nothing to offer but totally unconditional love. Did you know, dogs are one of the few animals that can be trained without food treats? They will train and learn new tasks just because you asked it of them and hugged them when they were successful. They don’t care if we are driving a brand new car, keep our houses less than neat, if we’re fat or thin… they just love, that’s all they know how to do. Your life will be made richer by having her in it. ❤


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