It’s the last day of the Blogathon and the optional theme is to create a word cloud for our blog, which is what I did! 🙂 I used tagxedo.com to create it, and I chose it to be in the shape of a treble clef because of my love for music.  It was either this or the “LOVE” stacked, which you may or may NOT know, but both the Treble Clef and the stacked “LOVE” where the “V” is leaning to the right are on my Class ring from High School. 🙂

If I was more skilled with a computer, I would have gone with a Word Cloud in the shape of an open book OR the letters spelling out “Bookworm”, but that wasn’t an option and I’m not that skilled!

So…I made it through the Blogathon and my thoughts?

Well…I’m blogging daily anyways, but this gave me more of a reason to do so THIS month. This month was also the busiest I have had in awhile and I feel my blogging suffered a bit for it. I think I had some great posts this month, but I also had some that weren’t so great. Looking at others that participated in this blogathon, I kind of feel like my blog didn’t quite fit. Most of the participants seem to have very professional blogs, and mine just isn’t like that. I think my blog IS a serious thing for me, and I take it very seriously, but I also think my blog is a very personal one that reads more like an inside view of my life that I am letting others see. I think professional bloggers would probably rip my blog apart in critiques, but that’s fine with me.  My blog is meant for those LIKE me who can relate, not for just everyone, and I’m not going to change who I am to make it that way. Sorry…this is THE Real Sharon…..not the fake…

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