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1. Have you ever been robbed and how did you handle it? I have never personally been robbed, but my Mom has had her wallet stolen two different times when I was with her. 😦 One time was especially vivid to me because me , my mom, my oldest sister and her kids were all at Sea World having fun. It was late in the afternoon and we were still looking forward to having more fun. We all stopped at a bathroom and my Mom realized she had left her wallet in the stall. She had just come out of it and saw a lady go in with a stroller and her baby, so my mom went up to the stall and told her that she left her wallet in there and asked if she could give it to her. Well, the lady said she didn’t see a wallet…. She ended up coming out of there and walking right past us and sure enough, no wallet in there anymore, but it HAD been in there and my mom knew she left it right after she walked out and this lady was the ONLY one to go in there since then. I mean, it was literally that little of time between! So….a wallet with $250 and basically all the rest of 6 people’s spending money gone. 😦 We walked around looking at the top of trashcans to see if she got rid of it after stealing the money since it had pictures in and we DID found the wallet…..The money was gone and the cards, but the pictures were there….All my mom had on her was some of those little stacks you get that you can put pennies, nickels, or quarters in for arcades and stuff? So we had to leave early, but we used the quarters to eat ice cream at McDonald’s….all these years later and I still remember bawling about it and being SO upset and wanting to run up to the lady and yell at her….but my Mom wouldn’t let me….I don’t understand how people can be so evil!

2. What do you do at a kids function when Parents don’t behave? Meaning they are the ones being impatient and rude. I don’t have kids, but I have been to kid’s birthday parties before. I can’t remember parents really misbehaving at any that I have been to, but I’m sure they do. I think adults can act like babies more than little kids sometimes!
3. Have you heard of a potty party? Will you/have you had one for your child(ren)? Never heard of this…is it like a party for your child once they become potty trained? Because I don’t think some HUGE celebration is really necessary. Your child isn’t going to remember it anyways. I DO like the idea of giving your kids stickers or a treat when they go potty, though to encourage them.

4. How young do you think kids should be when they start taking swim lessons? They have little infants take swimming classes…Supposedly, it’s easier when they are itty bitty, so I think whatever age they will start classes for is good….I personally do not know how to swim and deep water scares me, so I would like to put my future children in swimming lessons when they are young so they won’t have that fear, but also for the same reason my non-swimming sister put her kids in them. If MY kids know how to swim, I don’t have to worry as much about them accidentally drowning in a swimming pool and then me being the one to save them when I don’t know what I’m doing!

5. What makes you happy? So, so much…this answer could go forever! My family, my husband, my nieces, my nephews, my best friends and my blogging buddies, my blog, reading, music, teddy bears, dancing, shopping for books…..and finally getting past a level I’m stuck on on Candy Crush Saga! LOL…These are just a few!

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