Back in 2011, when I did my first Post-a-day challenge, I got this feeling very often. This feeling of not only NOT knowing what to blog about on certain days, but just not really wanting to blog sometimes. Then I would procrastinate until the last minute and get something posted whether it was interesting or not.

Tonight, I find this feeling upon me once again. It’s something I have been unfamiliar with in a long time. Not knowing what to write is still a familiar thing at times, but even when I don’t know what to write, I still feel a strong urge to figure it out because I love to blog so much. Tonight, blogging is pretty much the last thing I want to do… here I find myself blogging about not wanting to.

What are the reasons why I’m feeling this way? Well, I’m not sure. There are many reasons why I might. For one, I am now 3 weeks through with my Medical Transcription Training and while I am still enjoying it, the daily toll of being a computer so MUCH is getting to me a bit. I even posted about this not too long ago. How sometimes you just want a break from the computer. I have plenty of writer friends who can understand that!

Secondly, there’s a free weekend of some of the movie channels so I have a bunch of movies on my DVR calling to me and honestly, I would much rather be doing that. Another reason could be the cause behind the poem I wrote last week. Depression…..that evil curse that sneaks up on me when I least expect it and makes me not find comfort in everything I once used to love. But if that’s the reason, it’s going to have to take a backseat because I am simply tired of it wrecking my life. I just got to push through it and keep going. I KNOW how hard that is to do, but I also know I am stronger than I give myself credit for. We all are. All of us out there fighting depression and/or any other silent disease.

I had to fight against skipping a post tonight for the first time in a LONG time and it wasn’t an easy task. This post might not be the most interesting or entertaining I have ever wrote. It’s not always the best posts that are the hardest to write. Sometimes it’s the posts like these that you have to push yourself to write, but I feel a great sense of accomplishment nonetheless.

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