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On to the questions!

1. What do you appreciate most about your children’s Dad?  No kids YET but I’m married so I know who my future children’s DAD will be….When I think of the future and having kids, I think of how my husband will be such a good Dad when it comes to being able to really act like a kid himself and play around and be silly…I think I will appreciate that when I need someone to keep the kids entertained while I’m working 🙂

2. Do you always wear your seat belt? Yes, I do because I am usually always in the driver’s seat….on the rare occasion when I ride in the back seat, I try to but back when the seat belt didn’t fit…I just held it across me. This was only cause I didn’t really have any other option, though.

3. Do you dream and do you remember them? I think we ALL dream, but we just don’t always remember it.  Lately, I have been remembering them more because I have had some pretty insane dreams these past couple of weeks. Maybe it’s because of how much busier my life has been…idk…but they have been weird!

4. What is one thing you swore you’d never let your kids do before having them, that you have now changed your ways about? NA….I will have to get back to you in the future.

5. If you could be granted one wish, what would it be? I’m going with the wish I have been wishing for so long now and it may seem selfish, but it’s at least honest.  I would wish to be pregnant with my first child. 🙂

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