I have so much medical terminology flowing through my head since I started Medical Transcription training and I feel like during the week, I go from my laptop for training straight to the computer for FB and doing my blog. I’m kind of feeling like stepping away a bit when I get the chance…so I apologize for a short and sweet…or maybe not so sweet, post today, but I just want to rest my hands(that have been busy typing) and do other non-computer related stuff. The funny thing is I say this, but you can bet my Kindle Fire will find its way into my hands later tonight to check email, FB and play Words with Friends, etc. My world has become even more centered around technology….It’s getting hard to remember back to a time when my life wasn’t surrounded by it. Can YOU remember back then? I almost feel bad for the young kids who never knew that kind of existence. Our lives have become so much fuller and that’s not always for the best. But before I go into a huge technology post, I am out of here for the day. I will return tomorrow with my Reading wednesday post. 🙂 Ah, reading…sounds like a good idea! 😉

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