Wouldn’t it be great if we COULD capture time in a capsule?  This thought has been on my mind along with time capsules in general. This past week, my husband was asked to write a short letter for his niece that she would bury, along with letters from other family members, and open after she graduates high school. She is in first grade now, so this will be quite a while from now before she reads it. I had heard of people doing time capsules, but I never personally knew someone who did and this was the first I had heard of the letter idea. As I helped my hubby type it up and print it out, I really got to thinking about it and it made me wish my school had done the same thing. The school I went to first grade at no longer exists, but I assume I could have still gone back to the burial site(if they had left it marked for students) and then seen what was inside. The idea made me really nostalgic, but also kind of sad. Our niece, Jaycie’s, time capsule will have letters from her grandparents. I have one remaining grandparent left and she was also the only one left when I graduated. When I was in 1st grade, I had ALL of my grandparents, but three of them would die before I got to high school. What would it have been like to have got letters from each of them addressed to me personally when I can barely even remember them? It would have been a great keepsake for me, for sure!

I really wish I HAD a letter like she will have from my own family members. Who is to know 5, 10 years down the road if those same family members will still be around? And memories made at 6,7,and 8 don’t seem to last the same as memories made later down the road. If only the past could be in a bottle that you could take out and watch or relive whenever you so choose. I guess a letter wouldn’t be as great as reliving time, but it’s a start. A start that I don’t have and never really considered the fact that I DON’T, but now that the idea has been thrown in front of me….I wish it had even been an option.

Even if YOU don’t do a time capsule, I recommend doing letters for your own family members to read in the future. They might not think much of them NOW, but I guarantee they will treasure them in the future. I know I NOW plan to do so when I have kids and will ask my other family members to do the same for them. I want my future kids to have this special gift that I didn’t get to have.


  1. What a wonderful idea for your niece! I love it! I started a journal of letters to Abby before she was born, but I’ve been horrible and haven’t written in it for like 4 years. :/ I need to get back to that!

    You’re title is making me sing “Time in a Bottle” by Jim Croce 😛


  2. Ive thought of doing a time capsule with my friends for our senior year of high school, but never got to it. Im starting college this fall, maybe I’ll do one this time 🙂


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