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On to the questions!

1. What is an acceptable age for girls to start dating? I don’t have kids yet, but I think it DOES matter on the maturity level of the kid a bit. I never dated until way into college myself. I think I will say around 16 maybe, for like a double date or somewhere with other people. Not necessarily completely alone somewhere.  Dates with some form of supervision at least indirectly, if not directly. When the kid becomes an adult, they can go on dates as they choose.

2. Do you think your kids should have summer homework? Another not applicable question for me…I personally never had Summer Homework, although I kind of wish I had reading lists because it would have been an excuse to read more! 🙂 As for homework in general, no…I don’t think they should. It takes the fun out of summer. If they worked around to year round school with more frequent breaks, but shorter ones, I think THAT could help solve the not being able to remember dilemma kids have. I know that’s not a popular thought for kids because I can’t honestly say I would have liked that idea myself, but….I think it would help.

3. Would you prefer to live without AC or heat? If I lived somewhere where the temperature dropped into the negatives all the time, I might feel differently, but since where I lives rarely gets below 30 degrees…..I would say I could live without the heat. Summer temps here are over 100 a lot while in the winter, we rarely even use our heat, so….I definitely could NOT live without the AC!

4. What the worst thing about staying in a hotel? (Besides not being with your family) Well, most of the time you never sleep as good as you do in your OWN bed…even if it’s a fancy hotel with an awesome one. Having to wait forever on elevators OR climb tons of stairs isn’t much fun either….I think the good parts outweigh the bad, though.

5. So, do your kids really get “104 days of summer vacation”? (Bonus points for those of you that get this reference!) I don’t get this reference…maybe I would if I had kids. I would love for someone to explain it to me, though! As for my answer, even though I don’t have kids yet, I have heard schools around here are going into June and returning in August sometime. I’ve never been amazing at Math but I don’t think that’s 104 days…..maybe more like 60-70. 😉

Yesterday was the official last day of the 30 Day Reading Challenge, but since there’s an extra day in May, I figured I would use this day to leave my opinions on it!

I had a lot of fun racking my brain to think of a book(or character for a couple days) each day and it feels like the month just flew by! I’m glad I found this challenge on FB and decided to take it on! I encourage others to do it themselves sometime either on a blog or their FB page, wherever they choose! I would love to hear about others favorite reads!

Starting in the month of June, I have joined up for the 2013 Word Count Blogathon, which entails blogging everyday in the month of June. Since I’m blogging everyday anyways, why not? Registration ends at 8 p.m. Pacific Time/11 p.m. Eastern time tonight if you’re interested! Not sure what time that is in my Central Time Zone. I’ve never been good with that kind of thing!

This year is my first year but my friend Dayle over at “I shall be a toad” is doing it for her 3rd year! She is also the one who encouraged me to sign up so a big thank you to her for that! I think June is going to be great! 🙂

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