readingchallDay 25-Favorite book you read in school

NOT Great Gatsby…I had to reread this like 5 times in college for a research paper on the color symbolism and it’s well written, but I just hate it. Honestly, other than books I read in high school that I could choose to read and take tests on….there are no books that really stick out as loving them. Pretty much all the books I was FORCED to read were pretty boring to me. As a Theater Major, it’s probably crazy for me to say that I’m not a HUGE fan of Shakespeare but the plays I’ve read of his…not a big fan of. Having said that, I have never read “Macbeth”….yes, I have committed a sin in the Theater world, I know! I have read parts, but not the whole. I’ve never read “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” either but that one actually DOES intrigue me. “Romeo and Juliet” frustrated me and “Julius Caesar” felt like torture to read. The one favorite that pops up in my mind is not a book, but a story called “The Monkey’s Paw”. It’s a horror short story that I first read in one of my Literature books in elementary sometime and I absolutely loved it. It shouldn’t be a surprise to me NOW seeing as I have always loved horror and supernatural tales. If you have never heard this story, find it and read it! It’s really short but Stephen King’s later “Pet Sematary” feels like it might have grown a bit from it. It was written in 1902 and is one of those stories that lets you know to be careful what you wish for! 😉

P.S. If you’re not aware of Stephen King’s novel, you may be silently correcting my spelling right now. “Sematary” IS the correct spelling for it, though. 🙂


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