readingchallDay 23-Your Guilty Pleasure

They say you should never feel guilty about what you love to read so I try not to, BUT there’s definitely a series of books that I’m going to pick here because I love them so much, yet others consider it a guilty pleasure to feel embarrassed about. Those are the few that seemed to love it like me. The ones that don’t love it seem to completely hate the series and think the author is trying too hard to be funny. I disagree and that’s my personal right. The series is the “Undead Series” by MaryJanice Davidson and they are all about Betsy,who dies and turns into not just any Vampire…but the Vampire Queen. Betsy is big into shoes, expensive shoes and she reminds me of a preppy girl that in real life I would despise, but in the books…I find it hilarious. I read the first chapter on the computer years ago cause it sounded interesting and..I HAD to read them! And yea…I admit they’ve gotten a bit cheesy lately but I can’t help it. They’re easy, fun reads where I don’t have to think too much and I love them!

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