I guess I have made it to the first mountain. After months of pretty continuous but gradual loss, I appear to be at a standstill. I got to the 82 pound loss mark a few weeks ago and since then, I haven’t been able to get to a higher number loss. I’m stuck and even doing a free day hasn’t jumpstarted it back. 😦 I don’t plan to quit, though…I don’t care…well, I DO care how long it takes to get unstuck but regardless of HOW long it actually takes, I would rather live my life at 286 for that length of time than give up and get back to 368 or bigger. Yea, it sucks to not see more loss right now but even staying at the same weight is better than gaining a lot, right?

That’s what I keep telling myself at least. Maybe if I just keep being optimistic and pushing forward, things will eventually turn around. Other aspects of my life are at the moment. I find a company I can do training with for one year to do Medical Transcription. After a couple months, I’ll get paid for training and after training, I will be employed with them. As long as I’ve been hunting for this type of job that I could do from home and actually make decent money….I am just thrilled and ready to get started. Of course, training and having to get a new laptop isn’t coming cheap. I’m taking a “parental loan”(we’ll call it that, lol) and I’ll have to pay it back over time, but I think it’s going to be worth it. I am really excited about my future…way more so than I was a month ago, so I am thankful for that.

I just became a Great Aunt again for the 5th time last week, my 2nd youngest niece(that’s not through marriage) got married today and my youngest niece(also not through marriage) graduates high school in June. Time is flying by!


readingchallDay 20-Book that makes you laugh out loud

Shout-out here to a guy and his blog that I had the opportunity of reading about through WordPress on my first yearly daily post challenge! “The Bellman Chronicles” by Robert Hookey are hilarious! They are exactly about what it sounds like, too. The daily happenings of a Bellman in Canada…but I must clarify, that he’s NOT just a bellman, he’s also a husband and dad and he is super funny. I wholeheartedly recommend his book for anyone that needs a laugh. If you’re easily offended, you might not like it as well cause he says what he feels but I appreciate the candidness and honesty! I also recommend you check out his blog and follow him…I think his tagline of “You’ve been Hooked” will ring true. 😉


  1. Apparently it’s common for weight loss to stop at some point like yours has, just for a while. If you keep it up though it will start to drop again so don’t give up, not that you are likely to 🙂 And congrats on the training 🙂


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