This is going to be a short post as far as weight loss news. I’m stuck. 😦 My weight actually went up during the week last week due to the “unwanted visitor” and now I’m back down again but not at any loss yet. But good news is I measured and I’m done another 1 1/2 inches from the last month, which puts me at 35.5 inches lost since July 2012! Yay for that and here’s hoping I can have a drop next week!

readingchallDay 13-Your favorite writer

This is like asking a mother who her favorite child is! Even IF I could pick a favorite writer today, it would probably change the next day depending on my mood. I have many favorites for different reasons and I honestly can’t answer this. I WILL give an answer for my newest favorite writer, though. The newest one I have added to my long list of favorites is Kimberly Kinrade. I found her through reading Ebooks and am now friends with her on Facebook and part of her Street Team. I have read a lot of Ebooks, but she is the first that I’ve actually talked with(on FB) and felt connected with. She’s not only a great writer but she is so awesome to her fans and truly appreciates them. Tomorrow you will find out my favorite book from her since I’m changing it up to be my newest favorite writer.

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